Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas at Etsy

With Valentine's day around the corner, it's time to start thinking about pressies. This doesn't just have to be for your significant other, anyone you love deserves a special thank you: a friend, your mum, your sister, your pet and of course yourself. I love Etsy, it has EVERYTHING you could want for just about anyone or any occasion. So here's my pick of budget friendly valentine treats from Etsy to help inspire you to spread the love.
All the eggs and bacon in the world have nothing on you

This is the perfect card for the Ron Swanson (Parks & Recreation) fan in your life. My boyfriend would love this. It's available from Restless Express and costs €3.79, and they also have the perfect card for those who love Breaking Bad which is more than a few people.

For those who like something a little more cute why not try this Otter card from MyZoetrope, again for €3.79, its got me written all over it and most girly girls at that.

That's enough about card's, I could show you hundreds of cards from Etsy that are perfect but you get the idea! So on to some presents. For those in a serious/longterm relationship there's this adorable framed Our Story print from KreationsbyMarilyn priced at less than €12, which is really good for something that can be kept for so long.

For a twist on a bunch of red roses, I love the idea of a rose crown you can wear instead. This is a perfect present you could treat yourself to, any excuse right? This flower crown is €26.52 from Bloom Design Studio, but they have loads of other options too like daisies and sunflowers. 

What's Valentine's without some jewelry? This letter locket is so pretty and antique looking, choosing your letter adds a lovely personalized touch to your gift, it's €31.94 from The Weekend Store. They also have initial cuff links as a gift for men. There's plenty of different stores selling initial style jewelry on etsy so you'll be spoiled for styles and options. If the person you love loves nature, this tiny terrarium is insanely cute and thoughtful, it's only €7.60 from Run2thewild.

Okay so a mug might not seem very exciting, but it's something you use everyday, so if someone special gave it to you it will brighten up your daily coffee/tea/hot chocolate and that's more that can be said for a bunch of flowers. These super cute mugs are €16.69 from AvonnieStudio and they also do portrait mugs! 

There's something really heart felt and thoughtful about the handmade gifts at Wyoming Creative, you can pick something that matches the personality or passions of the person your buying for. This keyring, guitar pick and fishing lure are all sentimental and also practical enough that they can be kept with you to remind you your loved.  
Pretty heart shaped garlands will fill your home with valentine's spirit, and would be perfect for boho weddings, these ones from La Mia Casa are beautiful and unique, not to mention cheap (€7.90). You could buy these for your room anytime of the year why wait for an excuse.

These are just a few suggestions, there's so much more to choose from you could spend hours browsing like I did. I hope you like my picks and enjoy valentine's day be you in love, married, single or complicated. 



  1. ah these are such sweet ideas! really love the cards

  2. Ah that Otter card is sooooo cute! It's so adorable, and I'd love that for my other half xx
    Gemma //

  3. The tiny terrarium is to die for! :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute


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