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Paris: Day 1

So here's one of the reasons I have been absent from the blogging world, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 21st birthdays by going on a little holiday to Paris. I had never been before and was naturally beyond excited. We tried to cram in just about everything; Eiffel Tower at night time, Louvre, Notre-Dame, Disneyland, Musée d'Orsay, Moulin Rouge, Les Invalides, Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triomphe and Père-Lachaise Cemetry. In less than a week I got to tick so much of my bucketlist, Paris is jammed with the kind of attractions that grace countless films and I always dreamed of visiting, I felt so lucky to actually get to experience them first hand. So I shall share my Parisian experience in pictures, starting with day 1 and Père-Lachaise Cemetry, Les Invalides, Notre-Dame and a boat trip on the Seine at night.

Père Lachaise Cemetery is the largest cemetery in the city of Paris, Today there are over 300,000 bodies buried there, and many more in the columbarium, which holds the remains of those who had requested cremation. I primarly went there to visit Oscar Wilde's and Jim Morrison's grave but I could have stayed there all day it was so vast and beautiful.

Les Invalides houses the Musée de l'Armée, the military museum of the Army of France, the Musée des Plans-Reliefs, and the Musée d'Histoire Contemporaine, as well as the burial site for some of France's war heroes. The most notable tomb at Les Invalides is that of Napoleon Bonaparte, the sheer size of it had me in complete awe.

I was so excited to visit Notre Dame cathedral having always loved The Hunchback of Notre Dame when I was little. I it was also very interesting to see having studied it in great detail in Art History in school. I always find it very surreal to see the works of art and architecture that I studied in real life.

A boat trip down the Seine at night time was so peaceful and absolutely magical watching the Eiffel tower glittering against the dark of the night.

What are your favourite spots in Paris? Enjoy the weekend everybody

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