Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Iceskating at the RDS

To get into the Christmas spirit last week we decided to go for a little iceskating after work. We headed to iSkate at the RDS, it's one of Ireland's largets iceskating rinks, it's easy to get to and can be booked online. They restrict the number of people on the ice at a time, so while it's quite busy it's still manageable to skate around if you're not a natural. I am far from a natural and fell 3 times in less than an hour, pulling 2 people down with me, oppsie! Despite a few bruises it was so fun and quite the workout, who needs the 30 day squat challenge when you can skate instead. They offer off peak and peak prices, you also get a discount if you book online, I paid €13.50 for an online peak ticket. It's open until January 11th and you can buy your tickets here. When you're finished iceskating there is loads more to do as Winter Funderland is also there. There's Fossett's Christmas circus, amusements and you can visit Santa too! We've really embraced our Christmas celebrations this year with iceskating, 12 pubs and Secret Santa, not a scrooge in sight. Check out the little photo of  a super festive house we spotted on the drive home, it gave me serious lights envy. 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve so I hope everyone's diving into their PJs and chocolates!


  1. so nice! i wish theres a christmas wonderland here too! =D

    Cheers! Merry Christmas!
    I'm 25 already!!

  2. I love the pictures, looks like you had such a great time, reminds me that I havent been ice skating in ages and it's always soo fun!

    Merry Christmas!

    Much love xxx

  3. Aww the ice skating looks so fun and festive! Happy holidays, so happy to have found your blog! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  4. Ooo I love I've skating! And is definitely a good work out aha!

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