Tuesday, December 16, 2014

November Favourites

Gingerbread ladies lipgloss is on point
Left: The Next Big Thing, Right: The Wild Thing
Ned Stark is torn between shades
Left to right: Hypnotist lipgloss, Lip crayon, Hoopla and Sensational eyeshadows

I always love reading other bloggers monthly favorites and have been meaning to give it a try myself for ages. It is a little late for November favorites but better late than never! The things I've been loving for the last month are a mix of beauty, fashion and chocolate. I'm pretty sure a month (even day) won't go by when some kind of chocolate isn't top of my list of things that made me happy. Lindt's dark chocolate strawberry excellence bar is my go to treat when I want 'fancy' chocolate. I love fruit combined with chocolate, but their salted caramel dark chocolate version is also amazing if you don't. In terms of fashion items, I've been living in huge scarfs, last year I obsessed with snoods this year it's blanket scarfs. My mum bought me this pretty aztec print blanket scarf from ONLY as a present for me, there's a grey side too so it's really versatile and cozy. While planning my outfit for 12 pubs of Christmas, I was faced with a shoe dilemma; flats seemed too casual but heels seemed too likely to end in injury. When I spotted these chunky heeled Pina Colada boots by Pink Soda they were the perfect solution. I got them marked down to €45 in Bank Liffey Valley but they're still available online here

On to makeup: My favorite products for November, and basically all year, are predominately from bareMinerals. I love their products, excellent coverage without feeling caked on and unlike so many brands it doesn't irritate my skin.  My very generous sister gave me these limited edition eyeshadow quads in super bright blue packaging. The Wild Thing eyeshadow quad contains Sensational (pale aqua), Icon (yellowy green), Elitist (bronzed taupe) and Controversy (deep marine blue). I've been using Sensational on the inside of my eye to brighten them. The Next Big Thing eyeshadow quad contains Rising Star (gold), Smash Hit (vibrant peach), Hoopla (coppery brown) and Ensemble (smoky plum). I love Rising Star and Hoopla because of the lovely metallic finish they give. The pigment and longevity of these eyeshadows are just spot on. Even though they are technically spring palettes the colour selection and metallic effect is also perfect for winter. My two favorite lip products lately are bareMinerals marvelous MOXIE lipgloss in Hypnotist and a Ted Baker lip crayon from The Great and the Gorgeous set. Hypnotist can be worn alone or layered over lipstick which I do with the lip crayon. It's got an iridescent sheen that shifts from pale purple to peach and gold when applied, and on a side note it smells ridiculously good too.  

I promise I'll have my December favorites up before January!


  1. This is great :) LOVE the shoes! amazing! :)


  2. I always look forward to your blogposts! Always love what your write about and your December favourites is no exception
    Martina xxx

  3. Obsessed with those boots ! And that scarf is gorgeous !!! Great post x



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