Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Preloved Possesions


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Favourite finds of the week

Here's my second collection of Favourite finds and of course I'll start with my addiction Etsy:
First off is the well known ohhellofriend's shop and an utterly adorable je voudrais - romance in paris eiffel tower necklace. This necklace makes me long to visit Paris, its affordable at 12 dollars and you can have a matching pair of earings made for just 4 dollars. What I love about this shop is her attention to detail as purchases come beautifully wrapped ready to be given to someone special.

For some guilt free shopping head to GreenWorks's shop for an organic Cotton Faerie Deer tshirt. Everything from the cotton it's made from to the ink used for its prints is eco friendly and it's priced at 25 dollars.

On the high street: Louise Goldin's Spiked shoes for Topshop are incredible, personally I love the black pair they would make even the plainest shabbiest outfit look good. Although a bit out of my price range at £150, they will be on sale from 5th of Feburuary.

My favourite blogger of the week is Delightfully Tacky (, I adore her unique, spot on style, honestly there is not one of her looks I do not love. Her blog is open, entertaining, full of her thrifted vintage finds and truley original. She is my overall favourite blogger, look out for the Delightful Dozen on her blog an international clothes swap between delightfully tacky and 11 of her favourite bloggers.
Another of my favourite finds of the week is eco conscious books, I am constantly trying to find new ideas for ways to live better and help the planet other then the usual 'turn of the lights when you leave the room' (obviously a good tip but I want to do more), I'm trying to supplement one new eco challenge into my life each week . Here's two eco books my bf treated me to this week:

Now here's a few little inspiartional pictures for you to enjoy:

That puppy is so adorable I just had to share
P.s. I'm very interested to hear our tips and tasks on health, fashion and green living so do keep sharing them.
(Soucres of images are from websites mentioned in the post. Sources of Inspirational photos are decrology, House of Harlow and tumbler. Other sources unknown, if you would like to be credited with any of the images or have them removed just let me know).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back to the grindstone

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