Saturday, February 13, 2010

Preloved Possesions

Since moving to college I am obsessed with thrift/charity shops, here's some of the goodies I was lucky enough to find and be treated to by my bf at our local charity shop (St.Vincent De Paul).
I was ecstatic went I came across this star print dress from Topshop for only 7 euro, as I had spotted it over at The Cherry Blossom Girl, unfortunately I don't have a Chanel handbag to pair mine with. This dress is a definite staple in my going out wardrobe paired with black tights and high black heels. I love when second hand finds come in such good condition not a stain not a loose thread no sign of wear and tear...

Here's the cherry blossom girl wearing her own Topshop star dress:

Along with my dress came this scarf for 2 euro I love it's colour it really brightens up an outfit:

Every so often my bf comes home with a new girly book for me as a surprise, each one of these books was in perfect condition there spines weren't even bent and were priced at either 1 euro or less. There's nothing like curling up with a romantic girl book, I feel books are an especially good donation to second hand shops because alot of people only read a book once and then it is no longer of any use to them. I love the idea that second hand objects have travelled, have their own story, one book I got had someones airplane ticket wedged in the back, that book had travelled to Spain and was still in perfect shape.

One find is particularly special to me, it's an Organic Chemistry book (a subject I study) from the 1930s, and has the signatures of some of the people who's hands it passed through and is stamped by the university bookseller in Edinburgh who originally sold it.

There's something very rewarding about rooting out something special in Charity shops, why constantly buy new things, when there is already so many beautiful items already out there that you could give a new home to? Have you any little gems scored from second hand stores I'd love to hear about them.. Planted 15 more trees today :)
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  1. I also stumbled across this dress second hand, i love it... one of my favorites... One day i'll own the chanel real thing, and matching trouser suit! Great pics...


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