Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back to the grindstone

Back to studying after a brief but much needed break. I crammed so much into the time off, I rooted out clothes I no longer wear to donate to the charity shop, planted 50 trees with my daddy (a mix of Christmas trees and native Irish trees), spent time with loved ones, baked and did a little painting. Here's the paintings I did last week in a mixture of acrylic and water colours and pencil (drawing and coloured pencils). I'm not quite sure how I feel about the first painting, I think I'd rather if elements of it were individual paintings rather then all in together. I do like how bright it is though.

The next two were based on images in the current issue of Vogue. I loved that photo shot with Alison Mosshart she has incredible style all her own.

Inspired by photos of adorable little Chanel cupcakes I went about baking my own piggy cakes with a set from Mark's and Spencer's given to me by a friend. I'm not much of a cook to say the very least but I do love baking buns.

As well as starting regular picks of the week, I want to do tips or task of the day that would include money saving tips, things to do for the environment and tasks to generaly make your life a little happier, healthier and more giving. I' love to hear and feature your tips and tasks, they could be anything at all please do share
P.s. Cupcake images from flicker and google images if you would like to be credited with these images or have them deleted just let me know. All other images property of Thriftylilpixie.


  1. i love the flamingoes

  2. Whenever I feel like my possessions are taking over, I go through things by category (clothes, makeup, knick knacks, whatever) and get rid of as much as I can stand (donating/recycling as much as possible) and then I enforce my buying rule. If I want to buy a dress, I have to be willing to get rid of one I already own. It keeps me from going overboard and helps me to really value the things I do have. That's my tip. :)


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