Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love is in the air

Valentines day doesn't just have to be for couples, my picks for valentines day would be perfect for those loved up and for anyone who'd like a little treat for themselves, or for family and friends who are close to their heart. Once again I'm displaying my not very secrective love of etsy.
How to say I love you for less at etsy:
At Jennifer Ramos of Made by Girl etsy's store ( I found this adorable print for only $9.50. It's perfect for treating someone or hanging in your own home, I'd love it as a girly touch to my own room.

A little something to please chocaholics without any calories or guilt is 'Cheesecake Cravings Soap Bites', novelty soap found at ajsweetsoap's shop (also on etsy) for only 7 dollars.

My very favourite of all is this adorable card I just love it! Ummm... Scuse Me... Monster Card 4 Pack found at diskgrunt shop. At 16 dollars for 4 you can share the love with four of your favourite peoples.

Another Valentines card that caught my eye was 'Two Crazy Bunnies in Love' at 2ndcomings shop gauranteed to make anyone laugh:
These cutsey I Love You magents are only 4 dollars at kiksknits's shop, perfect for sticking little love notes to your fridge:

To show your love for a few extra pennys is this necklace at designsbycathy's shop which is extra special, it reads: 'My soul used to hold my I prefer to hold your heart', it is sterling silver and has been ecofriendly oxidised. It can be customised with the name of whoever you choose and costs 46 dollars.

I have really fallen for this etsy store with it's breathtaking pieces another favourite of mine is the 'Riveted. Rustic. Eclectic.' Winged handstamped sterling silver charm necklace.

If you want to say I love you and do something good at the same time when the next necklace is purchased 50% of the sale goes to Haiti Reflief efforts. 'Time Love Had Wings' Vintage Watch Movement Necklace is from modadesign's store and costs 21.99.

This 'Robots In Love' men tshirt costs 18 dollars and is from Happy Family's store, I like it so much to be honest I'd probably wear it myself rather than give it away!

How will you be spening your valentines? Picnicing at sunset, walking on the beach, Hot air balloning, cooking a romantic dinner, out somewhere special to eat, jetting of somewhere romantic, professing your feelings to your secret love, enjoying the day with your closest friends on earth.........

Get yourself in the spirit in valentines colours of pink or red and little heart details. This skirt is just what I have in mind...

P.s. None of the images used are property of thriftylilpixie and where sourced from the etsy sites mentioned. 'Sunset balloon flight' is from Alex-D's photostream on flicker. Source of last image is Olsens Anonymous. If you would like credit or would like any of the images removed just let me know


  1. i love etsy! these are some adorable finds.

  2. cute post! & thanks for commenting!

  3. thank you so much for your comment :)


  4. that monster card is sooo cute!

  5. Those soaps are lovely! It is hard sometimes to be romantic at Valentines without being too mushy or cliche!

  6. I love these images!! They really Valentine's Day wonderful & romantic in a relationship or not! :)
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  7. I love that 'Time Love Had Wings' Vintage Watch...gorgeous!

    Thanks for you sweet comments!!

  8. Thanks so much for including my ummm... scuse me... monster cards in your valentines post! I really like the robot love t-shirt and bunny cards myself.


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