Saturday, January 2, 2010


I've been absent for a lil while and am wishing you all a belated Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. This was the best Christmas and defiantly the busiest it just flew. Hopefully 2010 won't be as hectic!I won't break into a summary of 2009 because a) I don't take a great deal of photos so I won't be able to show you my year gone by and b) its all about the present and future baby! I've high hopes for 2010, as anyone in Ireland and across the world to be honest, will know we could do with a break from the doom doom doom in the news what with the miserable weather and the disastrous economy. Its time for a new year and some new GOOD news. Despite the negative spin that has been placed on 09 it wasn't all bad and I've plenty to be thankful for.
Leaving 2009 and entering 2010 I'm thankful for:
My amazing family and friends xox
My health and home
Having a bf/fiancee that makes me happy and laugh every single day

Great housemates
A lovely end to 2009 dinner out with bf in my favourite favourite restaurant to get my favourite desert and half falling asleep watching black blooks in front of the fire.
The generosity of the people around me this Christmas. I can't believe how lucky I was this xmas here's a selection of some of the beautiful things i was given:

And best of all my bf got me little pigs from oxfam for Africa I am over the moon!

Bring on 2010, I never ever keep new year resolutions so instead I have 'hopes' for the new year: Travel, pass all my college exams, and spend as much time as I can with those I love.
I promise to post more now that life's starting to be a little less hectic, I have so much to share; new outfits, new websites to help make thrifty Eco conscious choices, hopefully new places, new artwork and a whole new year.
Starting of 2010:
Listening to: Pearl Jam The fixer, Bruce Springsteen Tougher than the Rest, The Wrestler and Secret Garden, Foo Fighters Wheels, Micheal Buble Haven't met you yet and Crazy Love and Rolling Stones Wild Horses.
Wearing: The comfiest warmest clothes I own it's freezing! That means PJ's, tracksuit bottoms and my bfs hoodies, woolly socks and ugg boots
Reading: Science Text Books Exams very very soon
Watching: Bridget Jones one and two and Come Dine With me repeats
Wishing for: snow

P.s. I miss Christmas already
Images property of Thriftylilpixie except for oxfam piglet sourced from oxfam's website and final image, unsure of artist if you know please tell me beacause I love her work.

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  1. Hey! Thank for the comment! I love all your new Christmas DVDs. There is SERIOUSLY nothing in the world better than Jane Austen and Hugh Grant movies (although that new movie he's in with Sarah Jessica Parker looks appalling).

    I hope the weather improves for you! It's really hot in Perth at the moment (just to rub it in!).


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