Saturday, November 21, 2009

Buy Organic or Fairtrade Cotton

Just today I came across a great site called a website dedicated to providing information about fashion that is ethical sustainable and still beautiful (all things that are very important to me). When browsing the site I came across something that really unnerved me:
'200,000 cotton farmers commit suicide every year due to the debt they find themselves in.
Buying organic or fairtrade cotton ensures a fair price for the farmer and his family'
I already felt organic and fairtrade products are esstenial and it is hugely important to try and purchase them regualary, but never did I realise the impact of buying cotton clothing could have such an impact on others lives. Everyting we buy has a impact on the world around us we must make smarter choices.

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  1. Oh wow, thank you for sharing! I never saw those statistics before and I agree, it's very unsettling. I'm definitely going to look into the website!


  2. Interesting seeing the hard work that goes into fashion and fabrics

  3. Wow, very sad to find out that statistic. Thanks for posting this!


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