Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sister Style: Night Out

Having a sister close in age and clothes size, with great taste, means I am in the lucky position of enjoying two wardrobes. We are constantly borrowing each others clothes and accessorizes, unfortunately we are not at all close in shoe size so we can't share those. On account of loving borrowing my sister's clothes so much, I thought I'd do a little post showcasing both of our styles. This is what we wore recently to a charity night we attended together. We both went with the light tan and high heels combo. I wore a yellow playsuit paired with a black blazer, I really like this looser, over sized style blazer, I've gotten loads of wear out of it already it's so versatile. I'm wearing New Look heels, my favorite place to buy heels as they have a great variety and do a student discount! My sister is wearing a new dress that I love and can't wait to borrow, with a belt that came with one of my H&M dresses. Her neon River Island bag is insanely bright and perfectly picks up the orange in her dress. So that's just a peak into our sisterly style hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Summer Kimono

Kimono: TK Maxx
Tees: Primark
Shorts: DIY
Shoes: Converse
Bracelets: AlexandAni

It's the ultimate summer trend, the summer kimono is everywhere, on countless celebrities and bloggers, at countless festivals. It's equally at home at a festival, by the pool or while lounging at home. It's as easily dressed up as it is dressed down. You can buy them everywhere from River Island, boohoo, asos, to vintage stores...just everywhere you can imagine in every print/pattern you could think off. It looks amazing with fringing and without. It is the easiest piece to style, just throw it on over whatever you're wearing and your good to go. I love it with cutoffs or a simple dress and distressed boots for an effortless outfit. When your summer dresses start to look tired it's the ultimate remedy to bring them back to life and it's not bad for combating the evening breeze when the sun starts to disappear either. Okay enough rambling on about the many pluses to kimonos, let's discuss outfit details. I bagged my kimono in TK Maxx for a very reasonable €20 and I paired it with a standard warm summers day outfit; layered tees and short shorts. I actually DIY'd these shorts years ago from corduroy pink flares I kid you not, they're alot more flattering as shorts as you might imagine. What's summer trend are you dabbling in: it is the ugly flat, co-ords, mirrored sunglasses?  

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Orange is the new black

Midi dress-Primark
Handbag-River Island

We seem to be lucky enough this year to be getting a little summer sun at home not just if we head somewhere hot on hols. This means that I'm actually getting the chance to wear some of the summer clothes I have amassed. It's so easy to justify buying the playsuits, shorts and maxi dresses by telling yourself you 'need' summer clothes but the truth is there isn't always a need for them in Ireland. Last summer was a scorcher though and this one isn't shaping up to badly either. I borrowed this orange/coral midi dress from Primark of my sister, she has the best clothes and we're the same size so it's like having two wardrobes hurray! The sparkly sandals were a bargain I picked up in Primark last week for €8, they look so much more pricey than Penneys, I might go back and buy a second pair for when these ones wear out. I've gotten really into painting my nails summery shades at the moment, I normally leave chipped polish on for ages. The neon nail polish used on my feet are from a Awesome Neons Jessica nail set I got at Christmas, the colours are so pretty I couldn't resist using them all at one. The white polish on my hands are also Jessica nails, white polish look so fresh and bright with a tan.
Hope your having a great weekend!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Nature, Neon & Distressed Denim

Tshirt-New Look

Weekends for me mean comfy clothes, family and getting out in nature. I actually spend alot of my working time outdoors but I still love to be out in nature whenever I have free time. This outfit sums up my current obsession with making casual clothes a bit more fun with a touch of neon. What says easy dressing more than distressed jeans, converse and a messy bun? I'm really embracing the weekends at the moment, work is so hectic that I grab those days off with both hands. I've book my holidays, written a HUGE bucket list, started watching Game of Thrones again, been to hurling matches, and shopped up a storm. I treated myself to a new co-ord today with a crop top and high waisted shorts that I can't wait to share. Co-ords are so fun and come in every print imaginable right now, perfect for holidays, festivals and summer nights out. I just love the summer and I'll be sharing my summer bucket list really soon!

Happy Friday!

Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY: A Simple Cheese Board

When I go out for dinner with my boyfriend I love ordering a cheese plate for dessert. I never get feed up of cake or cheesecake or chocolate but sometimes I just want to munch on some cheese and crackers. Cheese and crackers are the perfect snack for relaxing at home in your PJs too. To brighten up a dreary weekday we decided we'd make our own cheeseboard and it turned out to be really tasty and fun. Now I'm not saying I'm a cheeseboard expert, I'm not even a dinner party throwing kind of girl. That said I think this little DIY is perfect for sharing with a date or stuffing your face with curled up watching Made In Chelsea. Here's my guide for making your own cheese board to enjoy at home, sharing is optional. 

1. Pick your cheeses: there's aged cheese (Aged cheddar), soft cheese (Camembert, Brie), firm cheeses (Gruyere), blue cheeses (Stilton) and then cheese made from different milk (Goat, Cow, Sheep). Pick a selection of these, I don't like blue cheese so I left it out, it's your board pick whatever you like most! I had Wexford mature white cheddar, Carrigaline farmhouse garlic and herb cheese and Brie (all available in Tesco).
2. Add crackers/bread: You can try crackers with different flavors such as rosemary, sliced baguette is really nice with soft cheese and there's also bread sticks.
3. Add a meat if you like: Try cured meats like salami and prosciutto 
4. Some fruit maybe: Fruit goes really well with a cheese platter, try grapes, sliced apple, pears or strawberries.
5. What about condiments/sauces: I like chutneys, relish, caramelized onions or even honey.
6. Serve: On a plate, a slate, a wooden board...
7. Lastly, a drink:  Obviously wine and cheese plates go together but I'm not a big wine person so I picked pink lemonade. It's meant to be fun so have whatever you like!

If you make your own cheeseboard leave me a link so I can have a look

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Recipe: Oreo Rice Crispy Cake

Yesterday I was looking for something fun to do after work and searched pinterest for some inspiration. I came across this recipe and decided to try my own because it sounded crazy delicious! It's really easy to make and you get loads of pieces to nom on later. You could share them...or not.

Ingredients: 1 bag of marshmallows, 3 tablespoons of butter, rice crispy cereal, 1 large Dairymilk bar, 1 packed of white chocolate covered Oreos (12 Oreos).

1. Melt marshmallows and butter in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water (could also use microwave)
2. Add rice crispy slowly with stirring until there is no longer a lot of excess liquid
3. Add chopped Oreos, I used white chocolate covered Oreos and mix
4. Add to a stick proof or greased tin and press mixture down with the underside of a wet spoon
5. Melt a bar of chocolate in microwave and pour over mixture to decorate
6. Place in fridge to set, cut up and then devour!

Let me know if you try these they are so damn tasty you really should!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

DIY: Crayon Painting

Another week, another little DIY craft project. There are so many pinterest projects I want to try my home is going to be packed with them by the end of the summer! This crayon painting is very easy and ridiculously fun. There's instructions and ideas for this project everywhere with lots of variations, like arranging your crayons in hearts and stars. Here's a quick description of what we did, there's plenty of Youtube tutorials on this if you want more detail.

Materials: Crayons (I used 2 packets of Crayola crayons), multipurpose or super glue, canvas, hairdryer

1. Glue your crayons to the canvas and leave to dry. I did mine along the top you can do it in patterns if you like. You can do different color combinations also. 
2. Hold a hairdryer over the end of the crayons and watch them melt from the heat. 
3. Melt the crayons until your happy with your pattern.
4. You can then finish with a drawing if you want like a girl holding an umbrella under your crayon rain!
5. Display and Instagram to your hearts content!

If you enjoy reading my blog, could you nominate me for Aussie Irish blog awards here under the fashion category. Let me know if you do :)

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