Sunday, October 19, 2014


Right after our visit to Mt Vesuvius we headed to Pompeii. The city of Pompeii was largely destroyed and buried by the eruption of Vesuvius. The people of Pompeii were killed and buried by the ash. Many remains of this bustling city were well preserved for centuries under the ash covering. When excavation of the city was undertaken, plaster was poured into gaps between the ash where the people had been trapped, demonstrating the position of the person when they died. Today you can stroll around the vast city and get an understanding of how the people lived before their city was destroyed. Pompeii is not a place you can see all in one day, but even the amount you can experience in one visit is fascinating and moving.  
A dog that fell victim to the eruption
One very popular building for many visitors, is the brothel (above), where a series of erotic frescoes are displayed on the walls, like a kind of 'menu' of the services available. The vibrant red and yellow painting of the snake advertises a chemist. While there are some original artifacts and frescoes still in Pompeii, many have been replaced by replicas and have been removed for protection and can be seen in Naples.  Our walk around Pompeii with our guide had quite an erotic take on the history of city, I now know the origin of the phrase 'knock on wood'... 
The Forum with Mt Vesuvius a menacing presence in the background
If you are interested in visiting Pompeii I would highly recommend it as it's magnificent. Some advice would be to bring plenty of water, wear comfortable shoes and take your time, you don't have to see everything to get a sense of the city. Also it costs €11 to visit but if your aged between 18-24 and have an ID to show it you only pay half price! I know that I have shared alot of pictures of my trip to Italy but hey I'd rather have to many pictures to capture memories than too little. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I'm getting really into vlogs right now so add your links!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kimonos and Bellinis


Is this an outfit post? Is it a food post? You know what life isn't all about one thing so why should every blog post be! Anyway I don't know a better combo then fashion and food, well maybe cocktails and burgers... I thought I'd switch up my Italy adventure posts with a few holiday outfits. I threw this kimono on to eat by the sea at La Terrazza looking out at all the cruise ships dotted on the water. This was my first ever Bellini, which I loved, and decided to pair with a burger and chips, so classy. Just try this combination, trust me. I got my kimono for €20 in TKMaxx and it's popped up on the blog before here. It's got a nice autumnal colour theme, so it'll transition easily from summer to autumn outfits, it's definitely not time to pack away kimono's just yet. On a completely different note I've decided to try out Youtube and vlogging (I'll do a post on why soon). I've only done one little video so far, a autumn walk, to get familiar with videoing and editing. I've lots of videos planned but for now you can watch my first one on my channel here, if you're interested that is!  

Next up: Pompeii

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mt Vesuvius

One of the main reasons I booked our holiday to Sorrento was so we could visit Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii. Clearly I had major bucket list achievements in mind planning my holidays this year. Obviously Mt Vesuvius is famous for the eruption that buried and destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum, so I wanted to see them both to get a feel for the history of the area. What I didn't know was that Mt Vesuvius is the only volcano in mainland Europe to have erupted in the last century. Or that it's considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world as the area surrounding it is so densely populated. While I didn't get any sense of danger from being on the volcano itself, it's really clear how deadly an eruption would be as the area around it is so populated and busy. To access the top of the volcano and see the crator, you do have to walk, but it is a gorgeous walk. The sun was shinning for our visit and the walk started off baking hot and challenging but the higher you go the cooler it gets and the whole walk gets so relaxing. Take your time as you go up the mountain as the views are breathtaking. It's quite hard to capture amazing experiences sometimes, to try and record everything you saw. While these pictures really don't do the view justice, it's just a little snapshot into my adventure and I hope it inspires you to visit someday because it is worth every minute.

We visited both Mt  Vesuvius and Pompeii in the same day, I'd recommend this if your going as they're so entwined in history it's really surreal and fascinating to experience them together. Also if you decide to go dress comfortably with good shoes for walking, okay it won't make for amazing outfit pictures but you don't want to be stressed out trying to take in everything because your wearing dainty sandals. Writing posts like these are my favorite thing about lifestyle blogging, writing it might not lead to lots of comments or followers but it's a personal scrapbook of my adventures. I love being able to look back at the incredible experiences I've been lucky enough to have, flick through the photos and relive it. I might never become a 'successful' blogger but I'll have one great diary to look back on and feel truly grateful. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

White Lace

Top-River Island
Bag-Limited Edition Primark

I picked up this white lace top in the River Island summer sale for around €25 and I hadn't really gotten around to wearing it much. I bought it because I love white lace, but I don't really like wearing it as a top with jeans or leggings as it's a bit too long and doesn't look right, but it's too short as a dress for work. Italy was the perfect setting to enjoy wearing it with some shorts underneath for modesty just to be safe! I paired it with my favorite Primark accessories of the summer; beaded sandals (€8) and their limited edition beaded bag. I love this bag, everyone admires it and asks questions like oohh is that from Morocco, but I'm like it's just Pennys (regularly used Irish girl sentence). We headed out for a walk and naturally had food on the way. Whenever I see Bruschetta on a menu I have to get it, I love it that much, in Italy though that means eating alot of Bruschetta! After we filled up on bread and pasta we went for a stroll along the streets of Sorrento, visiting all the little gift shops and taking in the sea view. No stroll around Italy in the sun would be complete without some icecream though. We went to Davide Gelato which is must visit if you are in Sorrento. They have an extensive choice of delicious icecream; everything from trifle, to Ferraro Roche to fruity sorbets. You can enjoy them in simple cones or tubes as you explore the town, or sit down and pick a very decadent icecream desert from their menu. We may have dropped in here more than a few times...
I'll do a post on Sorrento itself and places to eat there later if anyone is interested.
Happy Friday Everyone!
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