Saturday, January 16, 2016

Weekly Vlogging #1: Food haul & recipes

I've replaced TV with Netflix and watching my favorite Youtube channels, watching vlogs is strangely addictive. If you're looking for some vlogs to watch my absolute favorites are Lily Melrose and Helen Anderson. For 2016 I've decided to jump on the vlogging bandwagon myself for two reasons; to compile a visual scrapbook of memories and also to push myself to learn new skills like editing. Starting this month I'll be doing weekly vlogging and my first vlog is live over on my channel thriftylilpixie, with a new one up every Monday. If you like healthy recipes, food hauls and cute animals give it a thumbs and subscribe because there's plenty more to come!

If you've got a Youtube channel link it down below I love finding new channels to watch!


  1. Haha that is also my new years resolution! I've been obsessed with vlogs lately! Great job!

  2. Wooo! Going to watch this/subscribe to you later...well done :) x


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