Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015: Highlights, Lessons & Goals for 2016

2015 Highlights 

One of the very best elements of blogging is that it acts as a kind of journal or scrapbook of adventures so it makes looking back on the highlights of the year so much easier. When you're capturing life in photographs the special moments are less fleeting, they are forever saved for you to look back on. While 2015 wasn't perfect, as nothing is, it had amazing parts that far outweighed any personal struggles. The highlights are what I will choose to focus on and instead take lessons from the tough parts not memories to hold on to. In 2015 I traveled with both my sister and boyfriend. With my sister we visited Krakow for the first time and we also fitted in a relaxing sister spa and afternoon tea day. Both were new experiences and I'm so glad I got to share them with her. Together my boyfriend and I embarked on a Wild Atlantic roadtrip that was probably my favorite part of the year, we still have the second half to do so hopefully that will be a part of 2016. An important part of the year and something I'm glad to take into the New Year with me is an amazing family and friends, I've shared countless memories with them this year and always hope to continue doing so. In terms of smaller personal highlights I happily paid of my car loan (no more early Saturday morning trips to the Credit Union for me) and totally changed my diet. While changing my diet was for health/allergy reasons and I really resented it, it has made me far healthier and finally thought me to cook properly. There was several little bundles that arrived in 2015: one of my oldest friends had her first baby that I love getting to visit, my sister added a Chihuahua to our family who smells like marshmellows and we all love so much and I brought home a kitten as a gift for my boyfriend. I was never really a cat person but Tilly changed that, she's completely crazy but I wouldn't want her any other way 

Lessons I learnt in 2015

To be unapologetically yourself. It’s too tiring to be false to impress others, speak from your heart, have integrity, stand by your views but don’t shove them down other people’s throats. Don’t spend all your energy concerning yourself with what people are thinking about you because most of the time they simply aren’t. Remember that other people’s opinions about you are none of your business, act in a way that you can be proud of and that is what matters. Family and the people you love are the most important thing, you don’t owe everyone else all your time and energy. Say no when you want to, there are no prizes for being a martyr. It’s okay to change, life changes you, the people in your life will come and go, accept that and keep moving on. Remember to keep a check on your priorities, it’s easily forgotten but how we spend each day is how we spend our lives. Learn to enjoy your own company. I like to talk a lot so naturally I like to have someone around to talk to most of the time, but I’m learning to embrace just being by myself, reading, writing, binging on Netflix. Look after yourself and love yourself, this may sound cliché, but in time if the people you love need you, it’s important that you took care of yourself and are healthy and strong to take on whatever life throws at you all. At the end of the day your health and the love you give to yourself and surround yourself with is the true wealth you will gather. 

Goals for 2016

I'm excited for what 2016 has in store as it will be a year of great change for me. My primary goals for 2016 are to complete my PhD and find my next job. And thirdly to travel somewhere new; this is a yearly goal for me that I love ticking off and I always make time to do it. I don't like to make a huge list of resolutions to start the year off with, I'll stick to ensuring that these three things are made a reality and I will embrace whatever else comes my way.

Happy New Year & thanks for reading!

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  1. Ahhhh Happy New year! You're right to be yourself... What is it they say ~ everyone else is taken! How awesome to finish your PHD!
    Happy new year xx


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