Friday, March 20, 2009

Thrift it, mend it, care for it

Some people see charity stores as a place for unwanted rubbish, frilly bits your nanny might wear or home of old tweed jackets that someone died it. That's because they aren't looking at the potential, the only limit to what you can do with charity shop finds is your imagination. the other day my boyfriend brought me on a hunt of some of the best cahrity shops in Dublin, he unearthed complete Jack and Jones outfit for 19 euro. here are my finds modelled by my adorable sister, the dress is Diesel, has never been worn came with the tags still attached and was just 6 euro. I am in love with it! the waistcoat is topshop and was 5 euro. the key to second hand clothes shopping is patience and imaging what you can do with the item. It's all about how you style it and mix it up.

Here's my quick guide it repairing and caring for your vinatge and chairty shop finds:
Try to avoid clothes with under arm staining but this can be removed by sprying hte stain with vinegar and washing it in water and some soluble aspirins.
Make sure your new finds are not ruined by moth by placing lavender sachets in drawers and hanging in bundles in your wardrobe.
Keep delicate vintage finds in breathable cloth bags.
Remove grease stains by soaking clothes in coca cola before washing.
Stuff shoes with newspapers so they keep their shape.
If an item does not fit perfectly do not overlook it have it taken in
If something is too long for your taste with a ruler and sharp scissors very carefully slice a length of it.
If a piece has little holes or tear it can be stitched up and covered with a brooch, corsage, some lace or beading. The same can be said for small permanant stains, try a little bow sticthed over it.
If something is a nice good quality material but you don't like the item itself try to think of something it can become for example jeans or trousers into shorts, dresses into skirts or tops.
Have fun because it's guiltless shopping it's recycling and it helps chairties for example my finds helped unicef and Irish Cancer Society.


  1. i love that shes rocking those boots!

  2. thanks for the comment desr! i really dig that dress color! and seriously diesel? amazing!

  3. hahah
    I really like your 2nd photo ^.^

  4. You look amazing: )
    AND these tips are fantastic, since i always buy vintage things, thank you :)

  5. That dress is bargainalicious, and its amazing on you too! Great vintage tips, shopping in charity shops = guilt free spending = winner!


  6. The dress is such a great find! And your sister is very beautiful!

  7. vintage shops are great, if you look hard enough you can find treasure. they are definitely for people with style, not afraid to look differently and unique.

  8. ah yes, you wouldn't believe the stuff I find thrifting!
    another tip, though I have yet to try it myself: apparently you can rid vintage of terrible smells by spraying it with a mixture of vodka and water. get the cheap vodka, of course!

  9. Wow. Awesome finds, and your tips are really helpful. I've just realized that I still have a lot to learn about thrifting.

  10. Such fabulous tips!!
    And I adore both outfits, especially the look with the jeans and your shoes!! xx

  11. i love the beanie and very helpful tips!

  12. I love charity shopping, I'm going on the hunt for some pretty dresses and necklaces tomorrow!

  13. i want to make love to your dress lol

    super cute


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