Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sentimental Fashion

What you wear is often an extension of who you are, the group you belong to, what you believe, a sign of your status and even a reminder of those in your life. For me the jewelry I wear remind me of those I love. Elle MacPherson is one celebrity that seems to share my feeling with her always present unique assortment of bracelets each with their own story. when my Nanny passed away I inherited an old jewelry box of hers, with a mixture of costume jewelry, religious medals and antique money. Sentimental fashion is not about how much something is worth, these pieces are priceless because of what they mean to you. Wearing one of my Nanny's brooches on my jacket or checking the time on a watch that was one of the first gifts my father gave my mother when they were dating fills me with warmth. My love of antiques is unstoppable, I adore the romance of it all every object with it's own little tale of times long ago. Embrace your hertiage and family ties, be it cherished clothes or antique accessories let what you wear mean more then just the label sticthed into it.
Here's a selection of my cherished inherited pieces including jewelry from my great grandmother, Nanny and mother.I especially love the antique 'squire' leather box, the silver and blue bracelet that was the first piece of jewelry my mother was ever given and my Nanny's pioneer badges.

The past week has been hectic to say the least but I managed to find a little time to do some painting thanks to Aildi's affordable canvas, the second was painted for my boyfriend's birthday (Inside joke!)

I'd love to know what you think


  1. regardless of price jewellery is always more precious when it has sentimental value.
    thanks for visiting my blog

  2. Love this post! Your vintage pieces are lovely, as is your sentiment!


  3. the paintings are lovely! and the jewlery is pretty too!

  4. I love both paintings, but the first one is my favorite. I love the childlike innocence that shines through. I would love to have this hanging on my bedroom wall. :)

  5. That pig is so cute, I'm obsessed with collecting anything about little pigs. Have you ever read Olivia? Thanks for your comment! =]


  6. thanks, darling!
    that jewelry is stunning. i love the whole disorganization/messiness of it all. and the paintings are adorable.

  7. I like this post. I find that all items become more valuable when sentimental feelings and memories are attached. C:

  8. your paintings are really cute :) they make me happy

  9. Hello! thanks for the comment! I love antique jewellry and am lucky enough to have inherited lots of amazing pieces from relatives as well! It's nice knowing a story behind the jewellry you are wearing :) Becca x


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