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Discover Mozambique - The Road Less Travelled

Today's guest post is by Amy Goldsmith, a Melbourne based travel writer, is sharing one of her favorite travel destinations ever; Mozambique. So if you're on the hunt for travel inspiration read on.

Mozambique never was an item on my travel bucket list, but fortunately, by chance I got to visit this amazing country and it has not disappointed me. On the contrary, it has become one of my favorite destinations so far and the last year one of the best in my life. Not only I have had an amazing time, but also, I still feel the incurable nostalgia for the country’s vast coastline, dune-fringed beaches, fascinating surf spots, delicious food and incredibly kind people. If you decide to visit, you will see that the wonderful Mozambique has plenty to offer. 

Dreamy Beaches & Secluded Islands 

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Mozambique has the most picturesque beaches and the most pristine dive sites in the world. With its 2470 km (1500 miles) of coastline, it can match some of the most famous world destinations. Both giants of Mozambican tourism: Bazaruto Archipelago and Quirimbas Archipelago are equally astonishing in terms of natural beauty and marine life. Sparkly white sand, swaying palms, turquoise and azure waters, corals, great climate, even better waves… The nature is practically untouched by urban development, except for a few resorts, so we could rightfully say that Mozambique is a true escapist paradise. 

Unique African Culture 

Mozambique has rich history and culture. It is a unique country in African continent, because of different cultural influences. Namely, Mozambique is the home to a number of ethnic groups, speaking more than 40 different languages. Its culture developed by the influence of Swahili, Arab and Portugal. This is still especially visible in vibrant and diverse local cuisine and in interior design. Just look at Maputo, for instance. Its contrast between beautiful colonial Mediterranean architecture and harsh brutalist buildings is astounding. Most of the population practice na├»ve beliefs, and that is really interesting to see. 

National Parks & The Unforgettable Safari 

Mozambique is not your regular African safari destination, but it sure does have plenty to see, especially when it comes to underwater world. Combine the exploration of marine life with vast game parks such as Gorongosa and you will have yourself a perfect African holiday. Gorongosa National Park is an amazing site to observe elephants, lions, buffaloes, rhinos and hippos. Though animal numbers are pale compared to the years before the civil war, it is still a notable wildlife sanctuary. At Gorongosa I took some amazing sunrise pictures. Those are moments I will never forget! 

African Music & Crafts 

The northern regions of the country are famous for their fantastic artwork and crafts. Their work is mostly focused on traditional religious beliefs, struggle for independence from colonial rule and the civil war. Makondo sculptures are some of the finest I have ever seen. Mozambicans are also pretty talented for music, both traditional (marimba) and modern. The contemporary Mozambican music is somewhat alike to Calypso and Reggae. 

The Rising Star of Africa 

Despite its war-torn past, Mozambique is slowly but steadily getting on its feet and starting to attract many visitors. Although in its relative infancy, the tourism sector is developing rapidly and there is a clear effort to improve even more. Because it is equally as beautiful, but less developed and popular than its Indian Ocean counterparts, Mauritius and Seychelles, Mozambique is a true hidden gem of Africa, just waiting to be discovered.
I am so glad I had the chance to visit Mozambique while it is still undeveloped, unspoiled and untamed. I just cannot imagine its staggering nature covered in luxurious resorts. It is clear, however, that this outcome is very probable, so pack your bags and visit Mozambique now, while the prices are not hiked and the nature is not corrupt. I leave you with the words of the famous author Henning Mankell: “Go to Mozambique! As long as you don't expect to find flawless infrastructure, just go. Because this is a country where people have not quite grown accustomed to tourists. You still feel a genuineness that no longer exists in countries where tourism has been industrially developed.”
About the author 
Amy Goldsmith is a business assistant from Melbourne. Her job allows her to travel a lot, which also happens to be one of her greatest passions. Find out more about her travels on Twitter

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