Sunday, January 5, 2014

whats in my handbag 2014 edit

In early December when I was meant to be shopping for Christmas presents, I got a little side tracked when I dropped into River Island for a browse. I cannot resist the lure of River Island's accessories section, this beauty of a bag was just hanging there priced at €60. Should I have been spending €60 on a new anything for myself before Christmas...well no. But I reasoned with myself that I only ever buy new handbags when the last one wears out and I actually had my current bag for over 3 years (also RI) so I was due a new splurge. Plus it's black and gold so it will go with everything, it's huge and it has hand and shoulder strap so it's super versatile, ah how easy it is to convince myself I need pretty new things. Anyway, new year, new bag, time for a what's in my handbag post I think. I love these posts it appeals to the nosey nature in all of us. 

Enough about the bag, onto the contents crammed inside. This bag is actually quite large inside so I have to watch how much I put it in, if I just keep chucking things in it ends up weighing a tonne. So first the handbag essentials: I had a cream River Island wallet last year but my boyfriends mum bought me this pretty grey and black juicy couture wallet for Christmas to take it's place. Next I have my keys with an array of keyrings; a sparkly teddy from Primark, a duck that quacks and lights up from Tiger and a Hello Kitty keyring/pen. I have my old and trusty pink Nokia phone and my drivers licence in a baby pink holder. 

Next up is beauty items: I love a cheap and cheerful makeup bag from Primark and this black one is a Ted Baker lookalike (€5), I also have a Ted Baker lip crayon and an Essie nail polish as I'm always chipping my nails. Like any girl I like to smell pretty so I always have a perfume and body spray or deodorant, right now it's my new Lactose perfume: Eau de Lacoste and an Abercrombie body spray in Linsly Prep I got while in Pittsburgh. I have my Tangle Teezer with me all the time because my hair is ridiculously knotty and due to my love of snoods, is constantly matted at the back. When boredom or hunger hits which is often, I like to have
Glamour magazine and sweets on hand for these types of emergencies!

If you've done one of these posts I'd love to see it so leave a link in the comments section



  1. Love posts like these! Your make up bag is so pretty, I really thought it was a Ted Baker one! xxx

  2. Thank you for your sweet on my blog :) it was lovely to read. I love this tag,its great to be a little nosey :D thought of doing this post too lately,as I havent before.
    Firstly gorgeous bag,good size so you can fit plenty,like you have!
    How sweet of your boyfirends mum who got you that wallet/purse,its gorgeous and juicy couture?! lucky you! and of course chocolate :D I usually have a little treat in my bag too x

  3. I have the same tangle teezer yay! nice to nose around inside your handbag :)

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  4. I love your blog

  5. I love your bag. It's practical and stylish. X


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