Thursday, January 2, 2014

Favorite Bloggers of 2013

The blogging world is crammed beyond belief with inspiring, diverse and entertaining blogs. There's always a new blog to discover, a new product to try, a new trend to experiment with and a new instagram summary to nose at. So here's a collection of my favorite blogs of the year, the ones I never grew tired of and checked everyday for new posts.

Full of beautiful photography, flawless hair and makeup and vintage/girly clothes perfection. 

Always regularly updated with the best high street picks and excellent, honest makeup reviews. Perfect inspiration for outfits you actually want to wear in real life. I love how down to earth and relate-able her blog and style is.

For the sophisticated, globe-trotting approach to blogging. Never short of a recipe to try, a new place to eat or a dream holiday destination to lust after.

For something a little bit different in the blogging world. A fresh take on life and how to seize the moment. With plenty of sequins and Minnie Mouse ears.

Now we're talking super blogger with an endless array of outfits and locations to entertain readers not to mention a very cute dog. Glossy blog and equally glossy blogger.

Love seeing an Irish blogger doing so well and her account of her double-jaw surgery is really inspiring. Refreshingly honest blog. 

Love her quirky style, incredible collection of crazy trainers and her penchant for tacky trinkets be they donut key rings or boo themed paraphernalia. 

Full of pretty lifestyle and interior pictures and always with gorgeous hair and makeup.

Finally milkbubbletea for pretty, pink hued, girly photography, loads of pug related objects and chocoholic friendly recipes.

These are my favorite blogs of the year, what are yours, I always love discovering new blogs to read so please share!


  1. Ooh there's some here I am yet to check out, that's my afternoon sorted! x

  2. these are a few of my faves - thanks for sharing x

  3. nice selection! I read galadarling regularly and I LOVE her & her blog, always inspiring.

    glad you liked my flower painting! x

    Katrina Sophia Blog


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