Friday, January 3, 2014

Cookie Monster

Just before Christmas, I went with some friends to Belfast for a girly weekend to visit the Belfast Christmas Market and to go shopping. I had intended to only buy Christmas presents while we were there and not to buy any more stuff for myself but of course that did not go to plan. We went shopping in Victoria Square, where there was a kind of craft market being held with lots of handmade sweets, jewelry and paintings. I came across Daydream Boutique and their beautiful collection of super cute jewelry and was instantly drawn to this cookie jar necklace. Anyone that knows me knows I am addicted to cookies, so this is literally me as a necklace. I couldn't very well pass an opportunity to buy myself as a necklace now could I? Every time I wear it I get compliments on it and it was only £9, which in my books is a bargain for something with so much personality and attention to detail, just look at those teeny tiny chocolate chips! 

If you want to get your mitts on a necklace as ridiculously cute as this one, drop over to I want cute stuff. I'm off to spend the evening watching Christmas hauls on youtube, I just can't let Christmas go!



  1. this is the cutest necklace ever! I want it so badly!
    love your blog, just followed you and would love if we could follow each other on bloglovin? xoxo

  2. Such a cute necklace !! great blog !! I am following you on GFC , Bloglovin and on twitter :) would you like to do the same :) xx

  3. So cute!!


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