Monday, August 2, 2010

What's in my makeup bag

Busy working and preparing to be a bridesmaid at my cousins upcoming wedding means no time for outfit posts. Trust me there is nothing remotely stylish or blog worthy about my tracksuit and baggy hoodie combinations for when I'm busy and tired. So instead I decided to give a little peak into my make up bag. Make up is not something I wear day to day, I only use it when I'm going out or if it's an important occasion, so some outfit posts I'm wearing make up but generally I'm without.
Now I know I may appear to have gone Guerlain overkill, the reason is I have very sensitive skin and Guerlain's products are one of the few that don't irritate it. I'm not a brand snob I just don't enjoy allergic reactions! I can't EVER wear liquid foundation, no matter what the brand it feels awful and drives my skin insane! It's powder foundation all the way, I use Beige Parfait, the little gold compact is so pretty and is refillable which makes the Eco side of me very happy (less packaging than buying a new compact :)). Mascara is Noir, eye liner is Khol Me Black, lip pencil is Rouge Cassis and lipstick is Rouge Infini, all Guerlain.

I am clueless when it comes to make up, my application skills are limited and my buying skills are even more limited. The Guerlain products were all picked out by the woman at the counter (thank god for experts) to make my Debs makeup look. I've just replaced items as they've run out, simple as that!
Other additions to my make up bag are my Avon bronzing pearls in Arabian Glow (a Christmas present from a friend came as a set with the make up bag shown, a brush and tanning stick) and Dior Kiss lip gloss in Sorbet Meringue (came in a free sample set when you buy certain products I think).

The Mac and Urban Decay products are products belonging to my sister that I use to vary my make up look. I generally just wear Precious light illuminator (Guerlain), foundation, mascara and smudged eye pencil. I don't really use my makeup bag other than to store makeup on my dresser, I don't take my makeup with me, it's applied once before leaving and than whatever happens happens!
You might be looking at this and going WHAT you call yourself thrifty??? They're not cheap makeup brands I know but what you see is all the makeup I own, I own 9 items including brushes (the rest is my sisters). I believe in using few but good quality products when it comes to your skin. Less is more and these items have taken me to everything from weddings to nights out, to job interviews and birthday parties.
I've included other beauty regime products I use, Simple products make up my daily routine (again because of skin allergies). I love how gentle Simples products are and that their non fragrance. Sally Hanson is my go to tan (because of how easy it is to use) but tan is something I wear very VERY rarely. I love Aussie products because they smell so good, I get the urge to smell my hair all day after using them!
Lactose Touch of Pink is my favourite perfume, but I've run out and can't break my budget buying a new one :( I'm using Diesel Fuel For Life (Christmas present), I love the bottles little jumper!

It appears I have a fondness for gold coloured packaging...
I'm delighted to have been featured on as one of the Fashionista OTD, go have a look!
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  1. I love the Guerlain mascara, its great for formal and everyday since its two-sided...and Guerlain's packaging is soooo elegant.


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