Monday, August 16, 2010

1 dress=2 outfits

I really do believe that having a blog doesn't mean having to buy new clothes constantly to showcase your style. It wouldn't be realistic or make any financial sense to wear something new everyday, and besides who has the time to wash that much clothes! I rewear, rewear and rewear everything I own, it may not be as interesting as having an ever expanding wardrobe, but it's real life. I did a post showing how to make even very quirky clothes versatile last year, styling four outfits out of just 3 pieces, a pink and blue net skirt, a sequined skirt and a cream tshirt (just click on the versatility label at the end of the post to view it).

I love working out new ways to wear old things, so I think these kind of posts will become a regular thing. I decided to style a cute little summer dress, a common item in lots of wardrobes and a summer stable. Now obviously this dress can be styled into far more than two outfits. I've just shown it as a dress and top, some other options include: wearing it as a skirt with a fitted long sleeved top over it and belted, with leggings and a cardie, as a long top with skinny jeans and a blazer, layered over other dresses or skirts, knotting it to make it a slightly shorter top without making a permanent change.

Turns out this is a bit of a DIY post too. DIY, altering and customising your clothes increase their versatility. These pink shorts were actually hot pink flared cords that I got when I was younger. Those were one crazy pair of trousers and now as shorts they are much more wearable. Altering lenghts on clothes with a quick snip of scissors is such an easy way to make something more wearable if you're unhappy with the length.

Outfit details: Dress bought in a market in Italy and shortened with a scissors, Shorts (DIY), Denim short (Primark), black flats and flip flops (both Primark), denim waistcoat (Pull and Bear) borrowed from sister so FREE, bangles (present from friend) Free, Green ribbon in hair (from a box of chocolates). I love accessorising with ribbons, I collect my ribbons from presents, sweet boxes, cakes, boutique bags and they were all free. Tie them in your hair, on your bag, around your wrist, as a belt on your top or dress, to add a little bit of colour.

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  1. Cute outfits! Love that dress & denim shirt.:)SarahD

  2. Lovely! I don't buy new clothes every day, that's a waste of money, because I have to save money for my trip to New York.


  3. I love long tops, because they can be worn so many ways tucked in and then not tucked.


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