Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without

I bought this jumper ages ago, in the charity shop beside where I was living in college. I liked it because it was a simple, basic piece and the fabric feels quite nice. It never really excited me though, it was just a bit well plain, so I decided to give it a little revamp. Digging out some old brooches to spruce up the jumper didn't cost a cent. The brooches are from a variety of places, the two larger brooches came with blouses bought in a River Island sale a few years ago (the blouses were originally 70 and 50 euro, but were on sale for 10 each!), the other two brooches were hand me downs from both my Granny's. Unfortunately one of the stones is missing from a brooch, I'll just have to pretend it adds an air of antiqueness (I know it's not actually a word)!

Outfit details: Jumper (thrifted) 4 euro, ribbed tee underneath (Pull and Bear) 7 euro, jeans (borrowed from sister) FREE, Belt (came with shirt from Primark), Brooches FREE, Fringe boots (River Island) Christmas present.
I love fringe detail, I call these my Pocahontas booties, I loved that film when I was young, I thought Pocahontas had the most amazing hair ever! I even had a Pocahontas doll with the prettiest suede dress with turquoise beading, that was one stylish doll.

Wedding rehearsal tonight but plenty of time to have some cheese and ham crackers and relax into a good girly book before then.
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  1. Great jumper. Love those brooches.:)sarahD

  2. yeah up or down this sweater would look amaizng on you!!!
    love those pants too!

  3. I really really like the buttons on the jumper...and adding the brooches is did a really good job of matching those brooches 'cause they look great together

  4. Love the brooches, they are a nice touch to a plain jumper.



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