Monday, August 9, 2010

Show your scars

I love concert tshirts, I've got a little collection going and I get so excited whenever a new one is added. So far I've four Metallica, one Down, one Boyzone (from their Better tour, I love it! My collections got variety anyway!) and my boyfriend just bought me an Iron Maiden one at their concert at the end of July :) The new Iron Maiden 'The Final Frontier' tshirt is definitely my favourite. The Metallica 'Show Your Scars' tshirt I'm wearing is from their concert in Marley Park I went to with my boyfriend last year. I had to get 2 tshirts at it, I'm slightly addicted I love having them for the memories, picking out the date we attended on the back. I always want to keep tickets from events for the memories but I lose them so easily once their put into the dark depths of my crammed handbag, so tshirts are the perfect alternative, it's so nice to be able to wear a memory and think about how much fun you had whenever you put it on.

I paired my tee with dungarees worn as shorts. When your on a budget its essential to make everything in your wardrobe really work hard for you. Clothes should be as versatile as possible and be able to be worn multiple ways during every season. Dungarees can be worn as shorts, they can be worn over long sleeve tees when its colder. Dresses can be worn as tops by simply tucking them in to shorts or skirts, or as skirts by layering a top over it. Two dresses can be layered on top of each other, as can tops, when its colder or you want to feel more covered, or if one layer is transparent. Long skirts can be worn as dresses and belted at the waist to give a more flattering fit. Long striped shirts are a favourite of mine, they can be worn with jeans, shorts, leggings, worn open or closed, layered over tops and dresses, layered under waistcoats or jumpers, sleeves can be rolled up to be more casual....

Outfit details: Concert Tshirt (Metallica at Marley Park) Present from Boyfriend, Dungarees (Diesel) worn as shorts, Flip flops (Primark) 1.50 euro for 2 pairs, Hat (Topshop).
Wedding pictures are on the way :) The food was incredible I will have to describe it in great detail and thankfully I wasn't green on the day!
P.s. I've just started my own Chictopia and Weardrobe accounts, have a look :)
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  1. Oh I love your outfit!!!


  2. metallica are pretty awesome, love the collection you've got going and the outfit is so rad! following your blog, i love it! x

  3. i want that t-shirt so bad! & your hat is really cute :}

  4. love this outfit, espesh your tee!

    xx raez

  5. I frikkin love these! Gorge blog too!


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