Saturday, August 28, 2010

By the sea

My blogging absence was due to a much needed, very relaxing holiday by the sea. West Cork is truly one of the most beautiful places I have visited. It's scenery from it's quiet beaches, to views of the Atlantic ocean, to it's rugged green country side and picturesque towns, were simply breathtaking.I spent my days on long walks enjoying the sea air, reading girly books on the beach, eating huge frys and tea with my family, and daydreaming of owning my own little pink cottage down there. I love waking up to the sound of the ocean. There was no Internet, no laptop, limited channels on the TV and virtually no phone reception, it was a mini technology detox and it was actually lovely to have one! Here's a few of my holiday snaps...

Long journeys whether by car, plane, train or boat, require one very important thing to guarntee sanity and that's good music. My essentail playlist combines anything by Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springesteen (particularly Glory Days, Tougher than the Rest and Secret Garden) and Billy Joel (I love Piano Man and the Entertainer). Throw in Tiny dancer, Tangerine and The Pogues, and I'm a happy camper! What's your ultimate journey Playlist?

I have always loved being by the sea, when I was little I would collect literally every single seashell I came across and fill up the boot of the car with them and sand (I'm sure my parents really appreciated that). Luckily for everyone who had to share the car with me I didn't have the same fondness for collecting seaweed. Once I was home the back garden would then transform into my mini beach!

Photography is something I really enjoy but don't get to dedicate much time to it, one of the great things about blogging is that it encourages me to take more photographs and to strive to take a good one.
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  1. you take lovely photos and your blog is wonderful. I think I will be your new follower :) It would be great if you would follow mine as well. Cheers!

  2. these are wonderful photos! i want to live by the beach like hat, a quiet one.

  3. loving pictures 2 and 5, what an amazing view. I bet it beats going to work everyday. lol
    did you have an amazing little break? x

  4. thanks for commenting! great blog - the photos are beautiful!

  5. Awh wow amazing pics. Love Cork!


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