Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ToyStory 3

Toy Story 3 is just so cute and incredibly funny, I haven't laughed that much at a film in ages. It brings back all the memories of seeing toy story when I was little. Favourite bit has to be Barbie and Ken "Love your leg warmers...Love your ASScot" haha :) Another few lovely days spent with my boyfriend on my days off this week. Went to see Toy Story (I cried at the end of course how could you not!), went out for dinner had bruschetta (my food love), bangers and mash with tomato and current relish and meringue mess for desert YUM YUM YUM. Relaxed with sweets, Cosmo and Somethings Gotta Give (hilarious). Ate at The Gourmet Burger Kitchen for the first time (their large cokes are seriously big). Wore this outfit for the day, decided to share a few different variations on it for fun, I wanted to see the difference just changing hair and lipstick could make.

Outfit details: Jacket (Dorothy Perkins) secondhand, Cardigan (primark) secondhand, Horse print tshirt (Primp) present from boyfriend 19.99 euro from TKMax, Plain tee underneath (Pull and Bear) approx 7 euro, Leggings (River Island), Converse (Christmas present), necklace (borrowed from mammy), Sunglasses (Moschino) 19.99 from TKMax. I wore this red lipstick to me debs, it's Rouge Infini 120 from Querlain.


  1. I love your horse shirt! Its so cute. At first I thought it looked like Miu Miu sparrows, but its adorable to see those little printed horses! :)

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  2. I love your shirt!!


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  4. Such a lovely print on ur cardigan..loving it!!

  5. I love that horse shirt & jacket.:)SarahD

  6. the bandana on hair suits you amazing
    love the red lip tooo
    you gorgeous have fun this weekend!

  7. Love the shirt, very cute.
    My boyfriend and I accidently saw that movie because we're under 18, we were planning on seeing Jonah Hex. But we were making indecent jokes about the dialogue the entire movie... we're so demented lol

  8. lovely jacket~!!very cute tee too~

    thanks for your sweet messagen =)

    Ezzentric Topz

  9. love your outfit, the jacket is my favourite!

    xx raez

  10. I love your outfit! It's very well put together!


    I've been meaning to see Toy Story 3. I bet I'll be sobbing by the time it's over.

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  11. such a cool and comfy outfit!
    love the shirt! those horses are cool...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  12. what an awesome comfy and stylish outfit !
    love the chuck taylors !


  13. i love your motorcycle jacket, great post!


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