Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy 21st Angie!

Here's a few pictures from my friendy's 21st...
Dressed the birthday girl in flashing pink sash and huge badge, helped decorate with confetti, balloons, poppers and countless photos, 21 kisses, danced to Galway girl, snapped tonnes of pics, ate sausages and sandwiches (I love food at party's all the little food with tiny cocktail sticks, it's the highlight of all weddings for me!). Why is it that the cheese sandwiches are always left behind uneaten at every event??? Poor cheese sandwiches their the reject of party food :(

Outfit details: My sis and I did a little wardrobe swap for the night. I wore her black bandage one strap dress from River island (approx 50 euro), Zara heels (aprox 20euro 2 or 3 years old) and black Primark cardigan (do I ever take that thing off!!). She wore my new Primark polka dot dress (around 15 euro I'm not sure) and River Island wedges (bought on sale about a year ago). I can not put in to words how great it is to be able to share a wardrobe with someone when your trying to safe money, I have lots of day wear and she has lots of going out wear... If only we had the same size feet it would be perfect.
Recovering the next day went to see the new Twilight movie with my boyfriend and scoffed a yummy (but very dear it was 23 euro for one pizza and two drinks of coke 'Recession' prices anyone!) pepperoni pizza. While I always feel guilty if I splurge too much on clothes, I never EVER feel too guilty about going out for food to stop me and unfortunately I have a liking for pricey food. To make matters worse I can always manage to have room for starter, mains AND desert just to really push up the price.
If I had my way there would only be starters and deserts, I always love the options for them on menus. Mains options always leave me disappointed. Bruschetta to start, then white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake to follow and I am in HEAVEN (This post turned out to be a bit of a food rant it would appear)
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  1. looks like an amazing night, hope you had an amazing bday!

    xx raez

  2. Looks like a fab night out!

    Just letting you know i'm hosting a giveaway and would love for you to enter:

  3. Seems like you had an amazing night!


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