Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.
-- Sam Keen
The weather is having some beautiful warm summer moments in between the showers of rain. Spent my day off work baking scones, visiting family, walking my dog in the sunshine, drinking homemade berrie smoothies, eating rolls and warm beef stew, reading poetry (present from my boyfriend)in the shade...

Outfit details: tie dye dress (awear) 18 euro on sale, cardigan (primark), leggings (river island), Converse (Christmas present), necklace (borrowed from mammy)
Just wanted to share two incredible necklaces I've been wearing lately, both borrowed from my mammy (she has amazing style, I'm forever robing her heels and jewelry). I love how these necklaces jingle when you move. As I'm fond of quite basic comfortable clothing like leggings, ribbed tees and long soft boyfriend cardigans, interesting jewelry like these necklaces are important for me. If your limited with funds as I am being a college student -I rewear and rewear and rewear alot of the same key pieces, for example the leggings and boyfriend cardigans featured on the blog- one or two stricking pieces of jewelry or unique shoes can change your wardrobe from repetitive to one of a kind

I can't believe its already coming close to the end of July, time flies so so fast it's unbelievable. I'm off to eat birthday cake, 21st photos on the way...
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  1. your necklaces are HOT. very.


  2. Thanks for your comment!
    I love your dress!!!
    I follow.


  3. thanks so much! I love your dress and necklace, does the first one mean anything? xoxo

  4. Love your necklaces, especially the first one. Great dress also.:)SarahD

  5. Ohhh I love your necklace a lot!
    Gorgeous girl!
    Thank you for your lovely comment <3


  6. your too cute you rmeemind me of jen bunny from the hills i think its the hair
    but this combination is so rad love the chucks i have some white ones that i will bust out soon hahha
    thak you for your comment!

  7. The dress is really Blumarine style, and blue color is rught for your skin!

    thanks for the comment you left me! I follow you, can you follow me too? In this way we can exchange more times our opinions on our blogs!!


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