Friday, July 2, 2010

Wax Museum

My days off work were lovely and went a little like this...

Visit to Dublin in the warm warm sun. Dress shopping for polka dot dress with a little bow. Visit to the Wax museum. Stocking up on girly books. Eating tapas, paella, chicken stew, huge fry ups with tea, white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. Getting new glasses. Doing chocolate face masks. Having BBQ.

I hadn't been to the wax museum since I was 7 or 8 and its changed so much, I loved the focus on Irish history and the science section, I never knew there was so many ground breaking Irish scientists.
Getting new frames for my glasses after wearing my Mui Mui roses glasses for 6 years was a slow slow process, I love my new frames now though. Two frames for the price of one made it so much easier to choose, a black pair to go with everything and a purple one thats a bit more fun. But I'm going to miss my rosey frames, they were my first ever glasses and I got them to match my school uniform (very matchy matchy of me :)).
I've been stocking up like crazy on girly books since the summer began, there the perfect way to relax on summery evenings. I love getting my girly books from libraries and second hand shops, it's entertainment for almost free. Free if I manage to return my library books on time that is :) My boyfriend treated me to '1,000 places to visit before you die', I've so many pages already earmarked that I'm dreaming of seeing and I'm so lucky to already have some I can tick off. Hoping Paris will be my next stop

Discovered another little wonderful thing about my maxi dress, the vibrant colours and patterns hide stains perfectly. Spilled jam right down it and you wouldn't even notice. Another win for the maxi dress!
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