Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I pledge to read the written word...

...Or at least look at the pictures! I was lucky enough to be given not one but 3 style and design books from my boyfriend for Christmas. These are the kind of books I really enjoy, they're heavy on images and overflowing with inspiration.

I had wanted Style Diaries (Simone Werle) since I first read about it on various blogs and I know it was on many blogger's wishlists. It is incredibly inspiring to see such a diverse collection of unique and stylish bloggers in one book. It's very short on words but the pictures really speak for themselves. One of my favourite elements to this book is how each blogger's small sample of pictures really gives a taste of their style and what their blog is about. Hopefully there will be a follow up to this book, I'd love to see even more bloggers celebrated in this way.

The world's most influential fashion designers (by Noel Palomo-Lovinski) is hugely informative. This book really covers the world's most influential designers past and present, from Pierre Cardin to Alexander McQueen and is bang up to date. It is a truly fascinating read, giving an insight into who inspired each designer, what they are celebrated for, a timeline of their career and who they in turn inspired with their work. It's amazing to see how all these designers are connected by their influences and who they inspire, and how design ideas and inspiration is recylced and reworked over time by so many innovative designers.

London Style (Jane Edwards) is just simply beautiful and is a collection of photographs that capture the diverse style of the homes of a selection of Londoners. This book really reflects the diversity of the city of London in the vibrant homes it features. I could spend hours looking at all the tiny details of the living spaces contained in this book, every page is just so rich in a kaleidoscope of colours. I am delighted that my nail polish unintentionally matches the page I photographed from the book!

Any thoughts on these books? What books are inspiring you right now?

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P.s.s. Check out my comfy outfit! Forget dresses and heels it was Christmas after all and when I'm on holiday comfort comes first, followed by relaxing and eating sweets, dressing up goes way way down my list of priorties! This hoodie was a Christmas presents and is now one of my favourites mainly because of it's colour, it's just so bright and fresh looking!



  1. what kind and thoughtful gifts, I hope they give you countless ideas and inspiration

  2. Oh gosh -- what super inspirational books! I'm a sucker for good photos =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

    ps: heck yes i'll follow ya! =)

  3. Ohhhhh, loving your lavender nail polish!!!!


  4. Ah, lucky you! I love books about fashion! Last Christmas, I got the Satorialist and I keep going over and over! So much inspiration! xoxooxo

  5. Ah that's such a nice gift, The Style Diaries is on my amazon wishlist constantly! x


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