Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Couple Tattoos

Matching couple tattoos so cute!

1st of December time to crack open the advent calender! Snow is getting heavier and heavier, spent hours today trekking around in the snow taking pictures, will have some up tomorrow there's at least a 100 to go through. Defrosting over a pasta bake by the fire, fingers crossed the pipes don't freeze!

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  1. fingers crossed for your pipes :) Cute photos

  2. these are so adorable! so sad that i don't have an advent calander yet :( x

  3. Bah! I love these! Especially the toasters :)

  4. Hmm, I don't like how the two puzzle pieces don't match up, like if they were actual pieces they wouldn't connect together... Wouldn't you want them to connect to show the two of you were 'connected'? Cute idea anyways.
    Ang xxx

  5. cute couple tattoos :) how about keys and the lock? hehehe have a nice day!


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