Friday, December 10, 2010

On the 10th day of Christmas..

Just one week remaining in college before the Christmas holidays and I have an extraordinary amount to get done in those 7 days, it seems almost impossible! Well not impossible but definitely exhausting. On top of that I have only one Christmas present bought... oh dear. The Christmas tree is up though and all decorated with twinkly lights, silver snowflakes and candy canes (most of which have already been eaten!) so at least that's one very important job taken care of.

Here are a few more of my snow pictures, the snow has since begun to thaw but then become compacted and covered with a thick layer of ice. The ice on my road to college is about 2 inches thick and absolutely lethal to walk on, I'm slipping and sliding everywhere, who needs to go ice skating with that one your doorstep. It's so pretty early in the morning when the light reflects of the snow and it sparkles like it's covered in diamond dust. I've had to completely throw style concerns out of the window for the last week, firstly it was just so cold and secondly trying to dry clothes in this weather is a nightmare. I layered up, 3 pairs of socks at a time and threw on my boyfriends cosy ski coat over everything, if I had of fallen over I would have just rolled along I was so rounded with layers of clothes :) I really couldn't have been parted from that coat, I literally shivered with the cold seeing girls out with no coats or jumpers on, bare legs and high heels, crazy things!

I am flying through my chocolate advent calender, it's a very real remainder I need to get my act together and get my Christmas shopping done. Have a great day xox
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  1. wow, fantastic scenery, those trees are awesome!

    nice socks! :))


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