Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday Catch up #3 On a Monday

Pug pillow-Primark Necklaces-Sweetheart cupcake from Tesco-New things-Strawberry & Cream Lindt-Princess Dresser-Healthy smoothie & Hello Kitty Boo Boo- Care Bear PJs

Pug & Barbie socks-Good Deeds-Cosy by the fire-Tea at Walter Mitty in Dublin-New Journal-Zara Coat

I was all ready to post this yesterday but my pics won't upload at all; bold internet! So here's my Sunday catch up post on Monday night, well better late then never I guess. I've bought lots of pretty things lately, can't help myself too much pretty out there to own and not enough time or money! 
1. Sunday passed in a relaxing haze, starting with breakfast rolls in bed, plenty of How I Met Your Mother, a visit home to see my parents and ended with a galaxy caramel and the Bachelorette. Have to say I had high hopes but the Bachelorette isn't a patch on Bridesmaids. 
2. I went on a bit of a pug related shopping binge last week, but seriously who could resist a pug pillow (€9 Tesco), pug shopping tote (€2.50 Primark), or pug socks (€2 Primark)? Probably alot of people but hey forget them pugs are perfection. If your more of a Barbie girl, they also have Barbie socks and cupcakes and Bambi. 
3. I used my Zara voucher my bf got my for Christmas at last on the most beautiful jacket from Zara (€89.99), it's got a great outdoorsy, hunter welly vibe. Already wearing it today with a dress and biker boots combo.
4. For Valentine's my bf got me a lovely take on a journal: One Good Deed A Day Journal. It's got 365 different good deeds you can date when you complete and reflect on. Really like this idea of making good deeds a daily habit.
5. There's is nothing quite like cute pjs for relaxing in, rocking these Care Bear pjs from Primark while I write this post. 

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