Sunday, February 23, 2014

Insta Ootd

Leggings & boots - River Island
Snood & pug bag - Primark
Vest & Cardigan - Only
Jacket- Zara

The dark stormy weather we've been having of late has made for some dark, moody looking outfit photos. Apologies for that, but hey at least I'm all bundled up in warm layers to match. This is what I wore to work Friday but thanks to my shoddy internet it's only going up now. Due to working in a lab, my work wardrobe is not at all restricted once it doesn't interfere with health & safety i.e. no flipflops or things like that. So that means I can dress for my mood, the weather, what I'll be doing after work, whatever I want really. I'm so happy to have a relaxed work dress code I'm just not a pencil skirt/blouse sort of girl. This Zara jacket has not left my side since I bought it last weekend, it's so comfy and goes with literally everything. Does Zara actually sell anything that isn't loveable? Hope everyone had a nice weekend, brace yourselves it's nearly Monday :(



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