Friday, September 17, 2010

In Dublin's Fair City

I seriously splurged on the most beautiful bag for college yesterday, I'm silencing any guilt by insisting it's 'practical' because it's large and black and good quality...but honestly? I had to buy it because it was just so pretty! Also got some new hair day (I'm a home hair dye kinda girl), in the past I've died my hair shades of deep redy brown, this time I'm trying a plum colour, can't wait to see how it turns out!

It was lovely to spent one of my last days before the college year begins just relaxing in Dublin with my boyfriend. Eating Italian, garlic bread and Cajun chicken salad, browsing River Island and book stores (got 10 ways to change the world in your 20s, expect some upcoming posts on this!), drank hot chocolate from Starbucks, watched Going the Distance (I'm quite the girly movie fan), was mesmerised by the GIANT Monopoly houses in the Liffey as part of the Fringe Festival...

It was nice to just have a quiet day with so much happening lately; moving into the new house, graduations, debs, birthdays, work, subject choices...There's nothing like just clearing your mind for a day and passing the time leisurely, laughing and taking in the world around you...

My outfit was all about comfort just some Pepe jeans, my boyfriends tshirt and converse. Simple is usually the best for me! All images today are by my very talent boyfriend, check out his work on his blog

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  1. Hi thriftylilpixie,
    just adore ur picks of dublin city by day and night,lights on the Liffy so cool looks like u had a good day,hope your gonna give us bloggers a look at your new bag soon!

  2. I am a home hair dye girl too, consequently my hairdresser hates me, ha! Thank you for commenting on my blog, I really like yours and am your new follower xxx

  3. oh! 18 days without Starbucks! You are tempting me now though :) cute picture of yours!

  4. Love Starbucks!:) Thank you for the comment on my newest post. Ps: I would be glad if you want to follow my Blog. xx, Alice from bells and whistles.

  5. I always justify my expensive purchases saying they're practical too! Haha. But a new bag is definitely something to splurge on since you'll use it every single day.

  6. Pretty photos, thanks for taking part in my giveaway!

  7. love it!


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