Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Arthur's Day

The college year is just underway and already it's all about decisions and subject choices and future careers, it's amazing how fast college goes. It feels like such a short time ago that I was trying to pick my college course and soon I'll be picking what I'm going to do with it!

Reading '10 ways to change the world in your 20s' has me feeling so motivated and inspired to make a difference. I'm currently debating whether to blog about my efforts on a separate blog or combine it with this blog. I think combining is the way I'll go because this blog is meant to be a lifestyle blog about the fashion, art and places that I love so it makes sense to include my interest in making a difference in the world in this blog because it is a central part of my life.

I love the grey-blue tones in this outfit, unfortunately I've had to put away the shorts for next year, even with the cosy jacket it would never be warm enough for the sharp bite in the weather. There was literally pouring pouring rain and thunder yesterday, full on storm like down pour, complete with pinky purple sky afterward. I We settled in with popcorn and maltesers, the new episode of Glee and a DVD of The Bounty Hunter, for the night. I love when the weather is awful and I'm warm inside looking out at it, listening to the rain drops on the roof, I love the sound of rain pelting against the window!

I don't usually wear hats, I often find them uncomfortable so I just stick to my knitted black beret. This hat belonged to my grandad so it has sentimental properties, I always try to combine sentimental items in to my outfit, it's like being surround my important people and moments in your life everyday.
Outfit details: Jacket (Pull and Bear) borrowed from my sister, layered tops (both handme downs), belt (borrowed from mammy), boots (Aldo) 90 euro, hat (belonged to my grandad)

Happy Arthur's Day!

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  1. i am really diggin your ankle boots. Cant wait to hear about how you will change the world!


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