Thursday, September 2, 2010

Always the bridesmaid

Ok that's a slight exaggeration, I've been a bridesmaid all of twice, but I have been a flower girl also! It's been nearly a month since the wedding but everything in good time! I had bridesmaid duties on the same day exactly a year ago (that time in a maroony red dress), for the opposite side of my family. There is only a small number of photos from the day as I was busy doing bridesmaidy things like posing for pics and smiling until my face ached :)

So firstly the dress, my mammy made the bridesmaid dresses and I absolutely loved mine, I loved the deep blue colour, the diamante brooch, the one strap and it was just so so comfortable (I could dance and eat my dinner without any discomfort). I carried the most spectacular sunflower bouquet but unfortunately I have no proper pictures of it (they're beside the wedding cake in these pictures). My hair was styled in a french twist with curls and although lovely it was excrucitating! I had to take it down straight after the first dance (as you can see by the pictures), we danced to 'rule the world' by Take That, well I shuffled rather than danced (I can't dance for the life of me). There must have been 30 pins in my hair at least, getting those out was quite a challenge.

The highlight of the day (besides the marriage and love part of course!) was the food, hands down the nicest wedding meal I have ever had. It started with a Champagne reception, I had the misfortune of biting into salmon on strawberry mousse, one word for that...sick, who came up with that combination! It was a six course meal: Caesar salad, roast vegetable soap, champagne sorbet, Sea Bass or Beef for mains, a trio of desert (I liked it so much I asked for seconds!) and finally tea and coffee. Yum, Yum, YUM! I could barley walk afterword I ate so much! The wedding cake was one layer lemon curd, one layer chocolate fudge and one layer chocolate biscuit cake (much better than the traditional fruit cake that very few people eat).

It was a perfect wedding day, lovely wedding, lovely venue, lovely people, amazing food and great music. I love wedding music; Galway girl, The Gambler, Lady in Red, You look wonderful tonight, I'm in the mood for dancing...You name it I love it!

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  1. I'd love to be a bridesmaid! I love your dress, the colour is just amazing. :)SarahD

  2. Love your dress and the dress from the bride! <3


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