Saturday, September 5, 2015

Japanese Gardens, Kildare

Irish National Stud, 
Tully, Kildare

While I truly love to pass hours reading travel blogs and scrolling through envy inducing travel themed Instagram accounts, it can leave you with just that… envy. I could compile literally endless lists of dream destinations and bucket list adventures I want to tick off and I often do. But when Monday comes around and your back in work with those pictures off Machu Picchu and cross continent road trips a distant memory it can be hard. So if your job and income doesn't permit a wander filled lifestyle, you need to find adventures when and where you can. If I get frustrated that I can't travel as regularly as I'd like, I remind myself that millions of people travel to the country where I live and it features on peoples bucket lists worldwide. Seeing your own country as the gem that other people see it can open up endless possibilities for travel. While I dream of far flung places I haven't ticked of half the destinations in Ireland that I could. So when you can't dedicate months to backpacking, dedicate a weekend or even a day to going somewhere new that you can just drive to or take the bus or train. 

In the spirit of staycations, I joined my boyfriend and his parents for a sunny stroll around the Japanese Gardens in Kildare. The Irish National Stud's Japanese Gardens were created between 1906 and 1910. The gardens were designed by Japanese master horticulturist Tassa Eida and his son Minoru. Their vision was to utilize plants and water  to symbolize the 'Life of Man'. Eida's work illustrates the journey of a soul through the stages of life; as you move through the gardens you pass from birth, childhood, marriage, parenthood and old age to death and the afterlife.  It's a peaceful place to enjoy a quiet walk and take in the gorgeous nature surrounding you. If you want to visit the Japanese Gardens, it's located in the Irish National Stud, and a ticket to enter both is €12.50 for an adult and €9.50 for a student. 

I have plenty more posts lined up of my adventures around Ireland and I would love any suggestions for places to visit, eat and stay so get sharing!


  1. Fab photos Thriftylilpixie! Will be adding Co.Kildare to one of my endless lists now also! Would recommend Doolin Cave in Co.Clare if you get the chance. It's something different and not widely advertised. Stumbled upon it and found it to be a hidden gem! Thanks for sharing your post!

  2. Ah love The J gardens and the little 'path of life' walk ~ so cute! Great photos as always :-) Siobhanxx

  3. This photos are so lovely! xx

    Tajaljeh /

  4. Love you all ,the clothes ,the hair.the shoe!


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