Saturday, September 19, 2015

Action Bronson, Mr. Wonderful Tour, Dublin

When my boyfriend told me he had gotten tickets to Action Bronson's gig in the Academy as part of his Mr. Wonderful tour I was delighted. I have major love for Action Bronson and I've very vocal about it to anyone who will listen. Generally I go to see metal gigs so I wasn't really sure what to expect from a rap gig, in terms of crowd/energy/vibe, basically without moshing what does everyone do for the whole gig. The gig was totally sold out and crammed with alot of skinny jeans and glasses (but not alot of prescriptions), very different to your average metal fair. Turns out it was equally epic though and I absolutely loved it. The support act Meyhem Lauren got the crowd pumped and set the tone for the night, he's been collaborating with Action every since the Dr. Lector LP. Action opened with the freestyle that he famously performed on FunkMasterFlex's radio show. His collaborator The Alchemist was on the decks and the set list included Strictly 4 My Jeeps, Shiraz, Acting Crazy and Easy Rider. In contrast to a metal gig with all the instruments and equipment, it's phenomenal how just Action's powerful charisma and voice could fill the venue to perfection. The crowd clearly loved it passing him up presents of smoked salmon and sandwiches. He literally killed it. 



  1. That's gas they sent up smoked salmon hahaha Siobhan xx

  2. Great post! Also, I love the layout of your blog :) x


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