Monday, September 21, 2015

Packing For A Road Trip

Obviously packing for a trip varies a great deal depending on where your going, the weather and the time of the year. So naturally this is not a set in stone, one bag for all road trips, post. Our holiday plan this year was kind of an anti plan. Basically we booked our first 2 nights accommodation, packed our bags, got in the car and just drove. We picked accommodation, destinations and activities while on the road. It was honestly one of the most fun and relaxing holidays I've ever had, no plan is the best plan. Packing with no plan might sound hard but it's really not. All you need is a general idea of the weather forecast, which in Ireland essentially means expect any and all weather conditions. 

What I packed:
In terms of bottoms I packed skinny jeans, ripped jeans, tracksuit, shorts and 2 pairs of leggings. As it's autumn the emphasis was on being warm, if it was summer I'd switch out some jeans and tops for dresses instead as they are a one piece outfit and easy to pack. For tops I packed 2 shirts, 2 t-shirts and several plain vest tops. If the need to look fancy arose I packed a pretty autumnal red dress from New Look. As we were going to be spending alot of time outdoors I needed cozy outwear so I packed 2 jumpers, 1 cardigan, a leather jacket and coat. I also added in the essentials: socks and underwear, Care Bear pjs, blanket scarf, woolly hat. For shoes I packed 1 pair each off Converse, Boots and Heels. I ended up driving over 1,000 km so I was very glad I only packed clothes and shoes that are comfortable.  

Packing Tips:
First up roll everything it fits so much more in. Be practical, we were going to be spending a large percentage of our trip either driving or outdoors by the sea so I needed to pack accordingly. I emphasized comfort in both the clothes and shoes I picked. Being uncomfortable will just ruin your trip so put your comfort ahead of packing all the fabulous pieces in your wardrobe. Pack clothing that are versatile; skinny jeans and shirts can be dressed up and down, fleecy leggings can be worn during the day or as warm pjs if your camping. As I was packing for a road trip it essentially means my whole car could be my suitcase, but don't let that mean you get carried away and just fill up your car because you won't use it all. Also when your travelling around in your car, you'll probably be leaving your belongings unattended in you car quite often so make sure to keep valuables hidden, you don't want a smashed car window ruining your holiday. Switch up your handbag for a backpack instead, they are just so much handier for travelling around. Backpacks allow you to carry what you need while leaving your hands free to take pictures and tackle tricky walks and climbs with greater ease. Throw a couple of plastic/fabric bags in your car for separating your dirty laundry or wet toiletries from your clean clothes to keep them fresh. Cut down your makeup and toiletries bag to the basic kit. Bring the makeup you need for everyday makeup with your favorite palette to dress it up for night. Consider a great tangle hair spray and Tangle Teezer as they are life saviors for dealing with windswept hair and hat head. 

If you've got some great packing tips please do share as anything to make packing less painful is always welcome!


  1. Love the photos, enjoy your road trip!

    Anika |

  2. I hate packing but ironically enjoyed reading this post! Hahaha PS I spy a little familiar gold makeup bag hahaha

  3. Thanks for the tips! I hope you enjoy your trip♥♥

  4. You have such a great blog, just started following! Enjoy your roadtrip :)


  5. I love that white bag of yours! Super cute. I always enjoy packing for trips, I don't know why but it's super fun for me! lol. When I pack clothes into a suitcase, I find that laying everything unfolded and flat will fit a lot more.

    Thanks for the great tips! I enjoyed reading this post! :)

    -Sherry Lou

  6. These are great tips! I actually had read about the rolling of clothes before and it really does work. Another work is that for my jewelry i put them in ziplock bags and the place where the necklaces clasp, I have that stick outside the bag and then close the ziplock bag around it. It really works!

    M.Dee | Duty Free

  7. Really great post, I love your red dress outfit! So stunning :D xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | bloglovin follow for follow

  8. Love your blog & your style girlie! Keep up the great work! ♥

    - Emily

  9. I love the idea of doing this, must have felt like a real adventure! I visited Ireland recently and loved it, need to go back.

    Amy -

  10. Ooh good tips! I've been travelling a lot lately and am always on the lookout for tips to make everything my adventures go more smoothly! x


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