Saturday, September 12, 2015

Date Night: Base Bowling

Even after going out for 8 years, it's still nice to go on a date every now and then. Since I'm activities obsessed I was very excited to go on a little bowling date. I hadn't been bowling in years and had never bowled with the barriers down, so to be perfectly honest I wasn't great. We went to Base Celbridge, where they have bowling and laser tag. Per lane it's €19 for 30 minutes or €35 for 1 hour during off peak (10am – 2pm) or  €24.00 for 30 minutes/€39.00 for 1 hour during peak times (2-10pm). Naturally I lost all our games but it was really fun anyway. After that we spent more than I'd like to admit on amusements, those 20 cents really add up and it's so addictive okay! Then like almost every day in my life it was time to pig out. Our treat of choice this time was Pizza Dog, I hadn't been before but it was so so good. My pick was onion rings and the New Jersey dog: a Frankfurter served with onions and mustard coleslaw. I'm currently writing this with cold pasta for my dinner and all I want to do is order Pizza Dog but I will resist temptation...I hope!

What are you favorite date night ideas?


  1. I absolutely love Bowling! Oh and eh pizza xx

  2. That food has me almost eating my own hand, looks amazing. Such a notion for pizza now, haha!
    Also - yous have been going out for eight years!? That's so lovely :)

  3. I love bowling and omg, your posts always make me SO hungry!! WHY?!?!

    Pop over to my blog!


  4. Ahh this looks fun! I'd actually love a date night like this one! x


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