Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trend: Faux Fur

Picture the scene, you've carefully selected a perfect outfit for your day ahead, it's stylish, unique and your suitably proud of it. Then you look outside before leaving and it's freezing, misty and grey. So what do you do? Do you throw on a huge coat to cosy up and risk looking like the Michelin man, simultaneously hiding your outfit and ruining your look? Or do you brave the elements and freeze but look fabulous? Neither! You warm up and make your outfit bang on trend with some faux fur pieces obviously! There is quite a variety of faux fur options you can go for, different patterns, colours, gilets, vests, coats or for those that find it all a little OTT why not try faux fur accents like faux fur collars, scarfs, mufflers and hats. Celebrity fans include Kate Moss (who's signature faux fur leopard print coat is a favourite of mine), the olsens, Erin Wasson and Oliva Palermo.

How to make this trend your own: Firstly its important to make sure whatever faux fur piece you pick isn't swamping or wearing you, rather than you wearing it. To make your piece more form fitting try belting it, which can also create an interesting colour contrast. Wear your faux fur with contrasting fabrics and textures like faux leather shorts and leggings. Wear with head to toe black if you want your fur piece to stand out, if your wearing a large faux fur piece such as a coat avoid wearing it with anything baggy as the look may seem messy instead pair with leggings, tights, skinny trousers/jeans and fitted tops.

The high street is awash with interpretations of the Faux fur trend, but you can also try vintage stores, flee markets and charity shops for a more unique take. With so many options for the faux fur trend there is absolutely no reason why anyone should wear real fur, it's simply cruel and unnecessary. Personally real fur is something I have never and will never wear, the thought of covering myself in an dead animal's fur freaks me out. What are your thoughts on the trend?

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  1. I love the leopard coats, thats more up my alley than the big furry coats..I just dont think I could pull them off

  2. Yes. I need a faux fur coat in my life. Can you suggest where to find nice ones that dont cost an arm and leg?


  3. I love Mary Kate's (or is it Ashely's?) fur vest. It fits her perfectly. You're right, it's important for faux fur to fit properly, otherwise it'll drown a person's figure!

  4. im a fan of fur coats but fur gilets just make me think 70's boho.. althou they do look fab on olivia and the olsens :) x


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