Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You've lost your muchness

Just some Alice in Wonderland inspired sketches I did after seeing the film months ago, and of course new cupcake illustrations (my favourite subject I'm starting to run out of flavours to draw!). For a change I did a small nature watercolour, I love painting and drawing cherry blossoms, I don't tend to draw or paint many plants or animals except for some reason this pink petaled tree and various coloured birds. I just like that I can play with the colours alot with them and they don't need to be painted with much detail or accuracy which I find quite tedious to do with watercolours.

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  1. nice cupcakes pixie might make some myself later b.t.w. love your A in W sketches:)

  2. Beautiful! You're really good :)

  3. very pretty illustrations, the cupcakes are making me hungry

  4. Visit for some good artwork! xx


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