Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Promise This

It feels like ages since I got time to do a proper outfit post, I've just been so busy with college, work, went to see The Social Network (which is brilliant by the way, it was so interesting to see the story behind something that is apart of so many peoples life every single day) and I gave blood. I was so so nervous to donate blood but it isn't really that painful at all, I wasn't dizzy afterwards and everyone is really nice. Don't let nerves hold you back from donating blood it saves lives, 3,000 blood donations are needed in Ireland every week.

Wore a layered outfit to stay warm and comfortable for a day of studying and assignment writing. Took a little break and dropped to the shop to stock up on Terry's chocolate oranges and ribena for energy! It's been years since I had a Terry's Chocolate Orange I always loved the ad though, it's not Terry's it's mine! My study playlist for the day (having a study playlist most likely does not improve quality of study but it's a nice distraction) included Cheryl's new song Promise This, Bruno's Just the way you are, alot of Tim Mc Graw, Pearl Jam, Led Zepplein and Bruce Springesteen.

Outfit details: layered tees (Pull and Bear) €7 and €11, leggings (River Island)Christmas present FREE, knee socks (borrowed from sister) FREE, cardigan (Primark) second hand FREE, scarf (French market), boots (aldo) €90.

Young Dumb and living off Mum and Rocky Horror Glee tonight :) Roll out the popcorn!
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  1. ooo i'll have to check out the secret and add it to my "to get at the library" list. thank you :)) cute boots, btw!

    <3, brooke

  2. Love your outfit. I'm going to miss layers this summer. I'm following you! Maybe you could follow me too if my blog interests you :)

  3. i love your hair! and those boots.


  4. Ahh seeing all you Northern Hemisphere dwellers layering up and getting cosy in boots and scarves is making me wish it was winter again here. I now also have a craving for choc oranges, haha.

  5. I love the layering!! So cute!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I appreciate it! :)


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