Monday, October 4, 2010

Bag Lady

My pretty pretty new handbag! Okay I have to admit when you fill it up with books it hurts the hell out of your shoulder after a while, but it's perfect for the days when I just need a notepad, some pens and the usual rubbish I cram into my bags (luckily that's almost everyday). I love that it doesn't have the RR emblem that alot of River Island bags have, it's understated and goes with every single outfit I wear to college.

Note the totally pointless picture overload, just wanted to give a little insight into college living. Chocolate orange cake heated up, large quantities of tea and coffee, cosy fires for watching The Women on DVD and the new series of the X factor and homemade strawberry daiquiris- Summary of a relaxed college night in :) I highly recommend the cake and defiantly eat it heated up, see Aldi's freezer section!

This is just a simple college outfit, hence the layers and leggings! The belt was meant to suggest the idea of a 'pulled together' look, something I rarely manage early in the morning, I very much doubt the belt is fooling anyone!
Outfit details: Bag (River Island), Fringed boots (River Island) Christmas present, Cardigan (Primark) hand me down, Shirt (Primark) €11 maybe not sure, Belt (Primark) came with shirt, Tshirt (Pull and Bear) about €7.

So much college work at the moment, I'm surprised and proud I'm still blogging regularly, that's one aim for the college year I'll be able to tick off!

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  1. Oh! my collage really looks like a great place to be for thriftylilpixie all home comforts and faahion moments fairplay to you making time to smell the roses despite the heavy workload looks like finding a balance is another thing you can tick off your collage list:)

  2. Love love your bag - I used to adore bags in River Island but when they started putting the massive logo on them I couldn't stand them! So glad that they are doing some without the logo these days! x

  3. So much comfy chic and deliciousness in one post!! Love it :)


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