Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Katy Perry Signed Converse!

I can not believe I won a pair of Converse signed by Katy Perry. They are hands down the best thing I have ever won! Although I think the only other thing I ever won was a world cup edition football when I was little, not quite the same thing. I entered Glamour's Me&My Converse competition, where you posted a picture of yourself wearing your converse on their website. I got such a shock when I got the email to say I'd won a pair, I really didn't believe it until they arrived in the post. I love them and their actually my size even though I wasn't asked it, I know I'll end up wearing them eventually (such a waste of a pair of shoes not to!) but I'm going to keep them in nice condition for a little while at least. Thank you so much Glamour!

Excuse the poor quality pictures, they've been taken in a rush after finishing three assignments, the relief. I'll be back to more frequent blog posts soon, had a mountain of college work to get through nearly there thankfully just two more days and they'll all be handed up :)

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