Thursday, October 29, 2015

Muckross House Traditional Farms, Kerry

Killarney, Kerry
A labourer's cottage
A settlebed; it doesn't look particularly comfy
There's a petting farm!
The Schoolhouse

After exploring Killarney National Gardens and Torc waterfall, it was on to Muckross House and Traditional Farms. The traditional farms are a reconstruction of rural Ireland in the 1930s and 1940s. I actually didn't realise at first that it is all purpose built, due to how authentic the buildings seem, it truly feels like stepping back in time to an Ireland before electricity had reached the countryside. Back then the workhorse was an integral part of farming and it was their job to pull all the farm machinery. Dotted around are three different sized working farms, each furnished in the traditional style complete with friendly animals and poultry wandering around. The rustic houses smell strongly of the open fire where actors bake bread that you get to try. There is also a labourer's cottage, a carpenter's workshop, a blacksmith's forge and a primary school. If you've got children with you or you're just a big child like we are, then you can visit the petting farm. There's sheep, pigs, rabbits, dogs and calves, all so cute and ready for a cuddle. It's a really fascinating place if your interesting in farming, history or just animals! You can also visit Muckross House and gardens, the house itself dates back to 1843. Or like me you could just visit all the animals and then head to the cafe for cake. Entry to the farm is €9 for adults, €7.50 for students and €6 for children. 

Hope everyone has fun plans for Halloween!


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