Friday, April 3, 2015

Lounge wear

Leggings-Jack Wills

It's probably not the done thing to do blog posts of the kind of clothes you wear when you are at your laziest, chilling out at home. It's a bit more popular to post well styled, beautiful finds in exciting locations, but my favorite thing about blogs is how real they can be. It's a glimpse of someone else's life. Lately I've been spending hours on instagram looking at less glossy fashion pictures and instead being inspired by adventitious outdoorsy types, traveling the world and capturing the amazing things they see. My favorite instagram accounts are of people exploring forests, camping, hiking, authentic beautiful images. So while this post is not in some exciting location while I explore the wilderness, it is an authentic snapshot of my life when I'm at home with my family relaxing. I don't pick leather leggings and statement necklaces (though I do love them), I gravitate towards soft comfortable fabrics, throwing my hair out of my face to read a great book or go walking the dog. I've been thinking of finding my niche in blogging, something that I struggle with as I have such a diverse range of interests and tastes. There seems to be great emphasis on finding a niche or a theme to be successful in blogging, but I don't seem to be able to commit to just fashion, or beauty or travel. Maybe my niche is just documenting my life honestly, whatever kind of outfit I'm wearing or what I'm doing if I feel like blogging it then I will. Fashion is something I've always loved, but far more than that I love nature, the outdoors and exploring. This blog is to capture all of that.

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  1. I love comfy clothing like this!



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