Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Walk In The Woods

Obligatory cute puppy outfit picture

Having a four day weekend for Easter was amazing. I filled my days with lie ins and copious amounts of chocolate.  I was spoiled with Easter eggs this year, white and milk chocolate, Lindt and Lily O'Briens, even my 90 year old Grandad gets me one every year despite me being in my 20s. It wasn't all laziness though, I also managed to built a picnic table and make a dream catcher, so productive! After wasting away hours on instagram I got the serious want for a dream catcher, so instead of splashing cash on one I just made my own, although it was surprisingly difficult I have to admit. My favorite part of visiting home at weekends is spending time with my family and with the extra two days off there was plenty of time to do just that. We ate ribs and drank tea outdoors in the sun, watched films while scoffing nachos and went on a long relaxing walk in the woods. No walk is complete without my sister's adorable chihuahua who was turning all the girl doggies heads naturally.

What did you get up to for Easter?



  1. Ah I love the photo with the reflection of the clouds. I had a big family dinner and then hit a local carnival here in Dublin.
    Siobhan xx

  2. LOVELY photography :) Love going to the woods :)

  3. Amazing photos and what a cute doggy!

    Head over to my blog and check out what I’m upto :)


  4. This looks like such a beautiful walk, i love just going for a stroll to enjoy the scenery, it's the best thing to do on weekends :)

    Emma at

  5. Aw how cute is that doggy! Family time at Easter is the best, I had a very chilled Easter which was nice - definitely with lots of chocolate! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  6. These are some lovely photos! I especially love the one through the tree of the clouds reflecting in the water. :)


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