Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sale Gem: Zara Blazer

Jewlery-Folkster, H&M and Alex&Ani

This outfit is a mix of a couple of sale gems and new favorites. I picked up this Zara blazer back in the January sales for €60 marked down from €90. My love for Zara outerwear never seems to end, I have to actively resist from buying a new jacket whenever I drop in. I had wanted leather converse for ages, but didn't want to splurge on a €70 pair, so I was delighted when I found this pair for €45 in the Bank closing down sale. They're my everyday work shoes but are holding up so much better than the normal canvas pairs that I have destroyed in the past. I literally wore a white canvas pair so much that they're now brown. Everything else is from Bershka, one of my favorite stores at the moment, full of gorgeous pieces with a summery vibe and a very reasonable price tag. Due to my current obsession with Instagram and the amazing selection of stylish boho accounts, I've been inspired to stack up my jewelry lately. My jewelry collection is a mishmash of high street pieces, thoughtful gifts and family pieces passed down to me. My gold bangles are gifts from my boyfriend from Alex and Ani, the large gold bangle was a birthday gift from my mammy from Folkster and the gold necklace (that looks like the golden snitch) I picked up in H&M in York. I like that wearing jewelry is like surrounding yourself with special gifts and memories and people. They can bring back thoughts of birthday celebrations or travels or be symbols that inspire and motivate. I have jewelry close to my heart that belonged to my late granny, others that belonged to my mammy, someday in the future maybe someone will cherish jewelry that belonged to me.

Do you have jewelry that is special to you?


  1. Ah it sounds cliche but my wedding ring and my grandmothers ring that my grandad gave me the week I got married.
    Love your armcandy!
    Siobhan xx

  2. Very cute look! I'm going to have to do something similar for jean Friday at work. :)
    My favorite piece of jewelry... besides my wedding set of course... is my collection of animal charms! I'm really not into jewelry at all besides purevida bracelets and my one silver chain, but I love all the little animal charms I've collected for it. I rotate through every week. :D

  3. thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

    You look lovely and the bangles are just beautiful :)

    would you like following each other?


  4. Love this! I wish they had a Zara near me. Australia is always just that bit behind.

  5. Love that shirt on you. And your necklace is so cute x

  6. Your bracelets are beautiful!
    My favorite piece of jewelry is a Trollbeads bracelet, because it's one-of-a-kind. You can create your own here: -- they are way cooler than Pandora and other charm bracelet companies, since each silver charm is designed by hand. :o)

  7. Cute outfit and im loving the bracelet details!

    Emma at

  8. You look fab! Loving the feather bracelet!



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