Sunday, May 27, 2012


It feels amazing to have the free time to just unwind and relax now that study is finished. I'm having a great weekend; gardening, practising my driving, seeing my friends and reading in the sun. I love gardening when I'm at home, planting lots of vegetables, herbs and fruit. It's so relaxing, great exercise and its very rewarding when I can eat the plants I helped grow. All my summer clothes are out of hiding with the incredible weather we're having, I hope it lasts! I wore this outfit shopping with my sister, stocking up on summer shoes from Primark. Dresses like this one have great versatility, I bought this dress last summer and have worn it all year no matter what the weather, with a pair of tights and some boots it's perfect winter wear too.  

Outfit details: Dress (Primark), Ballet pumps (Primark), Sunglasses (Primark). An entire bargain Primark summer outfit!  

Flipflops (Primark, €1.50), Strawberry print flats (Primark, €4) 

I'm off to do some reading in the shade and have an BBQ later on. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. these photos are gorge, so sunny and happy.
    your dress is lovely as well <3

  2. Your dress is soo pretty and summery :) xx


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